10 Interesting Johannesburg Facts

Sunday, May 11th 2014. | Cities

Johannesburg facts give the detail information about one of the youngest cities in the world. Compared to other cities, Johannesburg is still young for it is only 120 years old.  There are many important places that you can visit while you are in Johannesburg.  Read the following post below for more ideas:

Johannesburg Facts 1: foundation

Can you tell me the exact date of the foundation of Johannesburg? It was established on October 4, 1886 during the gold rush.

Johannesburg Facts 2: size of the city

In Africa, Johannesburg is ranked as the second biggest city.  The first position is taken by the capital city of Egypt, Cairo. If you want to know another important city in the world, look at Jerusalem facts.

johannesburg facts

johannesburg facts

Johannesburg Facts 3: Chris Hani-Baragwanath Hospital

Do you know that the largest acute hospital is located in Johannesburg? It is called as Chris Hani-Baragwanath Hospital.  This public hospital can serve 3.5 million people with 2,964 beds.

Johannesburg Facts 4: the world’s biggest man-made forest

Johannesburg holds the record of the biggest man made forest in the world. It is the home to more than 10 million trees. The people and government of Johannesburg wanted to fight against the effect of the green house by planting trees in the greening Soweto project in 2006.

johannesburg pic

Johannesburg pic

Johannesburg Facts 5: the biggest dry port in the world

Many big cities in the world are located near a river, lake or even coastline. But Johannesburg is different for the location is in the dry area. Therefore, people call this city as the biggest dry port in the world.

Johannesburg Facts 6: discovery

More than 40 percent of the human ancestor fossils were discovered in Johannesburg.  That’s why many archeologists come to Johannesburg to make a research and further discovery here. This city is also called as the cradle of humankind.

johannesburg skyline

Johannesburg skyline

Johannesburg Facts 7: the Hillbrow Tower

The highest structure in Johannesburg is the Hillbrow tower. The height of the tower is 269 meter. If you want to take picture of the skyline in Johannesburg, you need to include the Hillbrow tower. In the past the top of the tower was used as the restaurant. But it was closed for safety reason.

Johannesburg Facts 8: Johannesburg Zoo

If you like to visit the famous zoo in Johannesburg, you can go to park town. The age of the zoo is 100 years old. You can visit the famous polar bears in Africa. Both are Wang from Japan and Geebee from Canada.

johannesburg tour

johannesburg tour

Johannesburg Facts 9: OR Tambo International Airport

The busiest and biggest airport in Africa is located in OR Tambo International Airport. Each year, the airport is visited by 28 million passengers all over the world. The name of the airport was derived from the former leader of National congress in Africa.

Johannesburg Facts 10: a dangerous city

If you visit Johannesburg, you need to be careful for it is included as one of the most dangerous cities in the world. However, the authorities increase the safety value by using CCTV system.



If you visit Hold Reef City, you need to try a vertical drop roller coaster, the Shaft of terror. It is considered as the fastest and tallest rollercoaster in Africa. What do you think on facts about Johannesburg?

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