10 Interesting Man Ray Facts

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Find out the information about the American modernist artist in Man Ray Facts. Man Ray spent most of his career in Paris, France even though he was an American man. If you want to find out his contribution to the art world, check the following post below:

Man Ray Facts 1: life span

Man was born on 27 August 1890 in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  His real name was Emmanuel Radnitzky. But he was famous as Man Ray. He died on 18 November 1976.

Man Ray Facts 2: movement

If you look at most of his works, you find that Man Ray was included in the Dada and Surrealist movement. He always described himself as a painter even though he generated a lot of arts by using different kinds of media. Check another artist in Lucian Freud facts.

Man Ray Art

Man Ray Art

Man Ray Facts 3: privacy

It seems that Man Ray is very concerned with his privacy. People can only get few details about him because he always locked the detail about his family background and early life. He did not want people to know his real name too.

Man Ray Facts 4: photography

Even though he wanted people to know him as a painter, actually Man Ray was great in photography.  Rayographs is named after him when he worked with photogram.  He was also notable to work as a fashion and portrait photographer.

Man Ray Elegance

Man Ray Elegance

Man Ray Facts 5: family life

Let’s talk a bit about his family life. His parents were the Russian Jewish immigrants in US. He was the eldest child in the family. He had two sisters and a brother.

Man Ray Facts 6: Radnitzky family

The family name Radnitzky was changed to Ray in the beginning of 1912. The family wanted to avoid the anti Semitism and ethnic discrimination.

Man Ray Facts

Man Ray Facts

Man Ray Facts 7: nickname

In the family, Man Ray was called Manny as the nickname. He decided to change his first name as Man. But then he wanted to use Man Ray as his single name.

Man Ray Facts 8: father

When the children were in the early age, all of them were enlisted to help the father in the garment factory.

Man Ray Pic

Man Ray Pic

Man Ray Facts 9: mother

The hobby of his mother is making patchworks from the fabric scraps. He also designed the clothing of the family.

Man Ray Facts 10: art work

The family background affected his work.  He often used threads, pin, needles, sewing machine, flat irons and swatches fabrics to create art work.

Man Ray Portrait

Man Ray Portrait

The curator of Man Ray exhibition named Mason Kelin called him as the first avant garde artist. Are you fascinated with facts about Man Ray?

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