10 Interesting John Howard Facts

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Let me show you the interesting John Howard facts if you are curious about the 25th Prime minister of Australia. John Howard has a good popularity until this present day even though he is not in the office right now. If you want know about his reign, personal life and achievement, see the detail about him below:

John Howard Facts 1: an Australian Prime Minister

John Winston Howard became the Australian Prime Minister from March 11th, 1996 to December 3rd, 2007. John Howard is considered as the second long serving Prime Minister of Australia. The first record is taken by Robert Menses.

John Howard Facts 2: House of Representatives

Before he became a prime minister in 1996, he was one of the house Representative members from 1974 to 2007. He came from Bennelong division located in New South Wales.

john howard Facts

john Howard Facts

John Howard Facts 3: Opposition

From 1985 to 1989, he was leader of the leader of the liberal party in Australia. In 1995, John Howard became another leader again for the opinion after he was re-elected by all members. Read another life of a leader of opposition in New Zealand by reading John Key facts.

John Howard Facts 4: Treasurer

There are many roles in the politic and government that he has taken. One of them is becoming treasurer in the Fraser government. He got this role from 1977 to 1983.

john howard Now

john howard Now

John Howard Facts 5: Paul Keating

After sitting for at least 13 years as the opposition, his liberal party finally was the winner in the federal election in 1996. Paul Keating who came from the Labor Party was defeated. John Howard took the role as the Prime Minister in Australia.

John Howard Facts 6: winning of the re-election

His party, Liberal party won again in the next election in 1998, 2001 and 2004. The government by Howard focuses on some issues such as the Iraq war, taxation, aboriginal relationship, immigration and industrial relations.

john howard Pic

john howard Pic

John Howard Facts 7: Kevin Rudd

The victory of his party was damaged after Kevin Rudd who came from the Labor party won the election in 2007. Another lost for him was in 2007. He could not get his seat on the parliamentary during the election.

John Howard Facts 8: parents

John was the son of Mona and Lyall Howard who married in 1925. He was the fourth son in the family.

john howard Pic

john howard Pic

John Howard Facts 9: jobs of parents.

Lyall Howard worked as the admirer of Winston Churchill. His mother was an office worker. Both his father and his grandfather were involved in the first AIF of WW I. Based on his ethnicity; Howard was mixed Irish, Scottish and English.

John Howard Facts 10: early life

His parents raised him in a Methodist style.  He spent most of his childhood in Sydney suburb of Earlwood.

john howard

john howard

Because of his achievement, he got Centenary medal on January 1, 2001. President George W Bush gave him Presidential Medal of Freedom. Do you have any question on facts about John Howard?

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