10 Interesting Joseph McCarthy Facts

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Joseph McCarthy facts explain the interesting information about the American politician who became the republican senator in US from 1947 till 1957 from the state of Wisconsin.  He was born with the full Joseph Raymond Mac McCarthy. But people call him with a simple name, Joe. Look at the following post about him below:

Joseph McCarthy Facts 1: Cold War tensions

The cold war between Soviet Union and United States at that time was avoidable. People were afraid that it turned to be the big war in the world. One of the important men in the cold war tension visited by many people was Joseph McCarthy. Look at Joseph Stalin facts to know the leader of Soviet Union.

Joseph McCarthy Facts 2: criticism

Joseph McCarthy was criticized by the United Senate when he spoke in public that there were many soviet and communists spies inside the US federal government.

Joseph McCarthy facts

Joseph McCarthy facts

Joseph McCarthy Facts 3: McCarthyism

McCarthyism was one of the most popular words in US in 1950. This word referred to the practice of McCarthy. But people began to use this word to refer to the anti communist activities.

Joseph McCarthy Facts 4: new meaning of McCarthyism

In this modern era, the word McCarthyism has different meaning. People use it to refer to public attack, accusation to their politician opponents’ patriotism and characters.

Joseph McCarthy Pic

Joseph McCarthy Pic

Joseph McCarthy Facts 5: early life

Talking about his life, McCarthy was raised in Wisconsin farm. In 1935, he graduated from Marquette University with a degree in law.

Joseph McCarthy Facts 6: circuit judge

Joseph McCarthy broke the record as the youngest circuit judge in the state. He got the position in 1939 after the election.

Joseph McCarthy Politician

Joseph McCarthy Politician

Joseph McCarthy Facts 7: United States Marine Corps

He served as one of the armies during the World War II. He was the volunteer in the Marine Corps at the age of 33 years old.

Joseph McCarthy Facts 8: senate

In 1946, he got another great position as a United States senate. During the election, he defeated Robert M. La Follette, Jr.

Joseph McCarthy Speech

Joseph McCarthy Speech

Joseph McCarthy Facts 9: national fame

Joseph McCarthy became the center of the national fame. He made a speech that he owned a list of the members of the spies and communists party who worked in the state department. However, he never showed the list.

Joseph McCarthy Facts 10: accusations of Communist infiltration

He made another sensation by accusing that the administration of President Harry S Truman, the United States Army, the voice of America and state department were infiltrated by communists.

Joseph McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy

McCarthy is always recognized by the people as one of the anti communist people.  Do you have any question on facts about Joseph McCarthy?

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