10 Interesting Mary Shelley Facts

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Mary Shelley Facts explain about the author of Frankenstein. This fictional character is very famous. You can find out Frankenstein in many movies. The author was a woman named Mary Shelley. If you want to know more about her work Frankenstein and early life of Shelley, read the following post below:

Mary Shelley Facts 1: date of birth

Shelley was born on 30 August 1797. When she wrote Frankenstein, she was only around 18 or 19 years old.

Mary Shelley Facts 2: idea of Frankenstein

The idea of Frankenstein came up to her mind after Mary, her husband and a couple of Lord Byron and his wife played a game. The winner of the game was the one who could make the best horror story. However, she had to deal with many things when making the story.

Mary Shelley Author

Mary Shelley Author

Mary Shelley Facts 3: husband

Mary Shelley’s husband was a famous poet. His name was Percy Bysshe Shelley. When Mary created this story, many people thought that it was actually created by her husband. Everyone was skeptical that a 19 year old girl could make this scary story.

Mary Shelley Facts 4: death of mother

Mary’s mother passed away 10 days after she gave birth to her. When Mary was 10 years old, she published a poem. When she was 16 years old, she ran away to France and Switzerland.

Mary Shelley Facts

Mary Shelley Facts

Mary Shelley Facts 5: a dream

The plot of Frankenstein came up when she had a dream. In the dream, she saw a scientist who created life.

Mary Shelley Facts 6: name

Mary claimed that the name Frankenstein came from her dream. However, there was a castle in Germany named Frankenstein.  People think that Shelley got the name after she visited the castle in Germany. Read Germany facts here.

Mary Shelley Pic

Mary Shelley Pic

Mary Shelley Facts 7: the first edition of Frankenstein

In 1818, the first edition of Frankenstein was published anonymously. In 1823, the name of the writer Mary Shelley was added on the book.

Mary Shelley Facts 8: Frankenstein monster

If you have read the original book of Frankenstein, you can find out that this monster was not given any name.   It is only referred to vile insect, creature, being, it, demon, wretch, monster, and fiend.

Mary Shelley Quote

Mary Shelley Quote

Mary Shelley Facts 9: Conrad Dippel

Conrad Dippel is the name of an alchemist who was to be believed by people had an experiment of human body in the beginning of 18th century at Castle Frankenstein.

Mary Shelley Facts 10: movies

The silent Frankenstein movie was released in 1910. Since the first movie, there were 130 films inspired room the story of this monster.

Mary Shelley Work

Mary Shelley Work

A.F. Frankenstein is a name of a person who written I Love Your California. It is the music of California states’ anthem. Do you have any opinion on facts about Mary Shelley?

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