10 Interesting James Buchanan Facts

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James Buchanan facts are interesting to learn about. In this case, I really want to discuss about this person. Therefore, the facts below can be your basic consideration to start with. Let’s discuss further here actually to gain better info about it.

James Buchanan Facts 1: blue jeans

There is interesting fact related to this person. James Buchanan was recognized to be the first US president who wore blue jeans in the Oval Office. Many people was recognized this to be so much unique.

James Buchanan Facts 2: Betsy Ross

He had his own favorite pet. It was his African Gray Parrot. The name of his parrot was Betsy Ross. More people also had already recognized about this information the most indeed. So, just be more attentive more about it here.

James Buchanan

James Buchanan

James Buchanan Facts 3: middle finger

James Buchanan was lost his middle finger. This had been recognized widely among people out there. The reason was because of the Battle of Raisin River. It was in the War of 1812. You can look more detail about this information on the internet.

James Buchanan Facts 4: the name

James Buchanan was named after his paternal great-grandmother. It was Ruth. This basic info indeed had become so much considerable for any of you to recognize about.

James Buchanan Coin

James Buchanan Coin

James Buchanan Facts 5: pygmy goats

In his spare time, he had raised pygmy goat within the White House Rose Garden.  There will be more basic info that you may recognize about him indeed if it is related to the pet.

James Buchanan Facts 6: two different color eyes

James Buchanan had unique different color eyes. They were brown and green.

James Buchanan Image

James Buchanan Image

James Buchanan Facts 7: James H.Peck

He had best childhood friend named James H. Peck. It was the person who went on to become the United States District Judge in Missouri.

James Buchanan Facts 8:  direct descendent

James Buchanan actually was the direct descendent of both King James of Scotland and Cleopatra of Egypt.

James Buchanan Old

James Buchanan Old

James Buchanan Facts 9: favorite food

Do you already know about his favorite food? It was corn bread with red-eye gravy.

James Buchanan Facts 10: Lewis and Clark Expedition

James Buchanan was scheduled in order to participate in the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Yet, he was unable making the journey because the archery accident on his buttocks.

James Buchanan Pic

James Buchanan Pic

There are many other facts about James Buchanan that you can learn about. Therefore, you can really study first about how to get further and further info about it. Internet can be your basic media to study about James Buchanan and related life.

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