10 Interesting Richard E Byrd Facts

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Richard E Byrd Facts present the ideas about the famous American naval officer. He specialized his skill in the feats of exploration. Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Jr was born on 25 October 1888 and died on 11 March 1957. Byrd was also a polar explorer, aviator, and organizer of polar logistics. Here are facts about Byrd for you:

Richard E Byrd Facts 1: the aircraft flight

In the aircraft flight, he took the position as the expedition leader and navigator. You can see him crossing the Atlantic Ocean, a segment of Antarctic Plateau and a segment of Arctic Ocean.

Richard E Byrd Facts 2: the pole by air

Do you know that Byrd claimed that his expedition was the first one in the world which could reach the South Pole and North Pole by Air? But most experts state that the first verifiable claim for both poles was taken by Roald Amundsen. Get facts about Polar region here.

Richard E Byrd Facts

Richard E Byrd Facts

Richard E Byrd Facts 3: the awards

Byrd was awarded with the highest honor for heroism. He received the Medal of Honor by United States.

Richard E Byrd Facts 4: parents

His father was Richard Evelyn Byrd, Sr and his mother was Esther Bolling. Do you know that his family was the descendant of the First Families of Virginia?

Richard E Byrd Image

Richard E Byrd Image

Richard E Byrd Facts 5: the ancestors

His famous ancestors included the colonial governor of Robert King Carter, William Byrd II of Westover Plantation, and John Rolfe and his wife, Pocahontas.

Richard E Byrd Facts 6: the brother

Byrd had a famous brother. He was Harry F. Byrd. He was considered as a dominant figure in Virginian Democratic Part in 1920 and 1960s.  He became a US senator and a Virginia Governor.

Richard E Byrd Pic

Richard E Byrd Pic

Richard E Byrd Facts 7: Marie Byrd Land

Marie Byrd Land was a region located in Antarctic that he named after his wife.

Richard E Byrd Facts 8: children

Byrd had four children. They were Richard Evelyn III, Evelyn Bolling Byrd Clarke, Catherine Agnes Byrd Breyer and Helen Byrd Stabler.

Richard E Byrd Picture

Richard E Byrd Picture

Richard E Byrd Facts 9: death

He passed away at the age of 68 years old in the beginning of October 1988. His dead body was discovered in a warehouse in Baltimore, Maryland.

Richard E Byrd Facts 10: burial

Just like his father, his dead body was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Richard E Byrd

Richard E Byrd

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