10 Interesting Marriage Facts

Tuesday, July 8th 2014. | Culture

If you are interested to find out the wedding tradition all over the world, you need to read marriage facts. Marriage is one of the important phases of human beings.  When a man and a woman fall in love, they want to get married and have kids. But some people decide to live in together and do not marry. It depends on the person. Let’s find out more facts about marriage below:

Marriage Facts 1: days

Each culture has the best day to hold marriage. If you look at the English tradition, the best day to marry is on Wednesday. Tuesday is good for health, while Monday is for wealth.

Marriage Facts 2: henna

If you look at the brides from Middle East, you can find out that the feet and hands of the brides are painted with henna. The people believe that the image of henna on the feet and hands can protect the bride from the evil eye.

Marriage facts

Marriage facts

Marriage Facts 3: Hindu tradition

Some people are afraid to celebrate the wedding during the rainy day because it can ruin the party. But the people who believe in Hindu tradition consider as rain as a good luck if it happens on the wedding.

Marriage Facts 4: United States Couple

Do you know that there are at least 7,000 couples getting married in every day in US? If you want to have an instant marriage, you can come to Las Vegas. The busiest days of marriage in Las Vegas are in New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. Find out Las Vegas facts here.

Marriage in India

Marriage in India

Marriage Facts 5: South African wedding tradition

The parents of the bride and groom will carry fire taken from the hearth to light the hearth of the newlywed couple.

Marriage Facts 6: wedding cake

In any kinds of wedding ceremony, slicing a cake is very important. You can trace this tradition from the ancient Rome. The bread or loaf will be broken to wish the fertility of the couple.

Marriage Love

Marriage Love

Marriage Facts 7: white wedding dress

Do you know that the trend of white wedding was popularized by Queen Victoria in 1840?  Before the popularity of the white wedding dress, the brides only wore their best dress during the wedding ceremony.

Marriage Facts 8: veil

The protection from the evil can be achieved when the bride wore a wedding dress with veil. That’s the tradition traced from the ancient Romans and Greek.



Marriage Facts 9: Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is a famous celeb who looked magnificent in her wedding day. If you look at her wedding dress, you can find a 125 years old lace used to make the bodice of the wedding dress.

Marriage Facts 10: bridesmaids

Besides the bride and groom, the braid maids are very important in the wedding ceremony. In the famous wedding of Jackie Kennedy, the bridesmaid wore the pink silk faille and red satin dress.



The most expensive wedding ever held in the world is the marriage between Sheik Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum’s son and Princess Salama. It cost 44 million dollar. Are you fascinated with facts about marriage?

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