10 Interesting Ludacris Facts

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If you want to know one of the most popular American rappers in the world, you can read Ludacris facts. His first rap album was released in 2000. He is not only a rapper, but also an actor. He becomes famous as a good rapper. Let’s find out more about Ludacris by reading the post below:

Ludacris Facts 1: the real name

Ludacris is only his stage name. His real name actually is Christopher Brian Bridges. There is no need to wonder if his close friends or family never call him Ludacris.

Ludacris Facts 2: foundation

Ludacris has a foundation that he calls with his stage name. People call it the Ludacris Foundation. The main purpose of this foundation is to help the high school students to get more interested in arts.

Ludacris Facts

Ludacris Facts

Ludacris Facts 3: Pepsi

Pepsi is one of the biggest beverage brands in the world. Once, Ludacris became the spokesperson in this company. But he was dropped as the spokesperson after a notable American politician host and politician commentator, Bill O’ Reilly protested on him.

Ludacris Facts 4: Katt Williams

Do you know that Ludacris is the cousin of Katt Williams? Katt Williams is a famous rapper, comedian and actor. It is a good fact to know that there are some celebs that have relatives in the show biz world. Check another famous rapper in Eminem facts.

Ludacris Image

Ludacris Image

Ludacris Facts 5: radio station

Before he gains his fame as a rapper and actor, Ludacris worked in a radio station. At first, he was only an internship member. Then he became a DJ in Atlanta for Hot 97.5 FM.

Ludacris Facts 6: Disturbing the Peace

Disturbing the Peace is Management Company and a record label that Ludacris co founded with Chaka Zulu and Jeff Dixon. Chaka is his manager.

Ludacris Pic

Ludacris Pic

Ludacris Facts 7: daughter

Ludacris has a daughter. Her name is very interesting, Karma.  He married to an attorney in Atlanta called Christine White.

Ludacris Facts 8: awards

Ludacris is a very notable rapper. He had collected many awards during his career as a rapper. Some awards that he has collected are from Screen Actors Guild awards, Grammy Awards, Critic’s Choice awards and MTV awards.

Ludacris rapper

Ludacris rapper

Ludacris Facts 9: Native American ancestry

Talking about his ethnicity, Ludacris is mix of African American and Native American descent.

Ludacris Facts 10: education

Talking about his education, once he was in Benjamin Banneker High in Atlanta. Then he went to Georgia State University.



If you are interested to find out the rap of Ludacris, you need to check out his released albums. Are you interested with facts about Ludacris?

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