10 Interesting Howard Carter Facts

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If you want to know the inspirational Egyptologist and archeologist from England, read Howard Carter facts. Carter is famous as the discovered of the tomb Tutankhamun. He did the exploration in Egypt and found the tomb in 1922. Let’s find out more about him below:

Howard Carter Facts 1: archaeology

Carter contributed much to the field of archeology. He was the man who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun. Tutankhamun is considered as the important Egyptian pharaoh in the 18th dynasty.

Howard Carter Facts 2: date of birth

Carter was born in London on 9th May 1874. He went to Egypt for an exploration when Carter was only 17 years old. He was there to give hand to Percy Newberry.   His job was helping to explore the excavation and report of the Middle Kingdom at Beni Hasan.

Howard Carter

Howard Carter

Howard Carter Facts 3: tomb

It seems that Carter loved with his exploration job. He liked to develop new methods when imitating the decoration of the ancient Egypt tomb. It means that he was a very innovative man.

Howard Carter Facts 4: a new job

Carter had a new job as the first chief Inspector for EAS. EAS stands for Egyptian Antiquities Service. He was in charge to maintain the excavation at Thebes. People know Thebes with a new name of Luxor.

Howard Carter and Tomb

Howard Carter and Tomb

Howard Carter Facts 5: Tutankhamun’s tomb

His major excavation breakthrough is the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. His excavation group found out the steps which led to the tomb of this pharaoh on November 4th, 1922.

Howard Carter Facts 6: retirement

After this big discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, he announced retirement for the excavation jobs. Then he decided to work for the Detroit Institute of Arts and Cleveland Museum of Art as a part time agent.

Howard Carter Facts

Howard Carter Facts

Howard Carter Facts 7: movies

You can see the portrayal of Howard Cater in various movies. Some actors who have played Carter in TV shows and movies included Pip Torrens, Robin Ellis and John Cleese.

Howard Carter Facts 8: books

His character is also depicted in various books. You can read James Patterson and Martin Dugard’s “The Murder of King Tut” and Amelia Peabody’s Elizabeth Peters.

Howard Carter Style

Howard Carter Style

Howard Carter Facts 9: death

Howard carter died at the age of 64 years old on 2nd march 1939 in Kensington, London because of lymphoma.

Howard Carter Facts 10: graveyard

You can visit his graveyard located in Putney Vale Cemetery London.

Howard Carter Young

Howard Carter Young

There are many books written about Howard Carter. You can read the books to know more about his journey during the excavation. Are you fascinated with facts about Howard carter?

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