10 Interesting King Arthur Facts

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King Arthur facts provide the information about the legendary British leader who led the attack against the Saxon invaders. His name is very popular among the literary element. There are some movies produced based on the story. Here are the facts about King Arthur:

King Arthur Facts 1: a legendary British leader

King Arthur is considered as a leader who lives around the end of 5th to beginning of 6th century. He was famous as the British leader. His story was explained in the medieval romances and history.

King Arthur Facts 2: is he real?

Many historians are still on a debate to decide whether the historical existence of King Arthur is real or not. Some of them think that the story is just a part of literary invention and folklore.

King Arthur facts

King Arthur fact

King Arthur Facts 3: sources

People can understand the story of King Arthur by seeing some sources. You can read the writing of Goldas, the Historia Brittonum and Annales Cambriae.

King Arthur Facts 4: character

The characters and personality of King Arthur are well depicted in Breton and Wales poems and tales. He was considered as a great warrior who fought against the supernatural opponent.

King Arthur leader

King Arthur leader

King Arthur Facts 5: a genuine historical figure

Until this present day, one school of Historian states that King Arthur was a genuine historical figure. He was the figure of the Romano British leader who lived around 5th to 6th century. At that time, he was famous to struggle again the invention of the Saxons.  Those historians got the sources from the History of Britons and Welsh Annals. Read Anglo Saxons facts here.

King Arthur Facts 6: a king

The story about King Arthur is still popular until this present day. Actually he never called himself a king.

King Arthur movie

King Arthur movie

King Arthur Facts 7: a dog

King Arthur had a dog. He loved his dog much.

King Arthur Facts 8: family tree

The family tree of King Arthur was documented perfectly by the descendents of King Arthur. In the family tree, you can find out the lineage from King Clodius II to King Somerled.

King Arthur Pic

King Arthur Pic

King Arthur Facts 9: round table

The round table meeting is always linked to King Arthur. In fact, the round table located at Winchester was created by Edward II. At the end of 1500s, Henry VIII repainted the table.

King Arthur Facts 10: Arthurian themes

After the fire occurred in 1834, the robbing room of the queen located in the House of Lords of the British parliament was redecorated by using Arthurian themes.

King Arthur

King Arthur

Around 1100s, the monks living at Glastonbury Abbey found two bodies buried in the abbey. Both are believed to be the body of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. Do you have questions on facts about King Arthur?

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