10 Interesting King John Facts

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King John facts give the interesting detail of the king from the medieval period. The timelines of King John are very important for the people who want to learn about the king of England. You will be informed with his early life, marriage, and family life. See the following post below:

King John Facts 1: King of England

King John was crowned as the king of England in 1199 to 1216.

King John Facts 2: date of birth

King John was born on 24th December 1167 at Beaumonth Palace, Oxford, England. His mother was Eleanor of Aquitaine. His father was King Henry II.

King John Expedition

King John Expedition

King John Facts 3: siblings

King John had three sisters and three bothers. The sisters included Leonora of England, Matilda, Duchess of Saxony and Joan Plantagenet. His three brothers were Richard the Lionheart, Henry the Young King and Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany.

King John Facts 4: Henry the Young King

Henry the Young King was supposed to be the king of England. However, on June 1183, he passed away because of dysentery. The throne of England went to Richard. Find out about the king of England in King George V facts.

King John Facts

King John Facts

King John Facts 5: Geoffrey

Another sibling of John named Geoffrey died in July 1186. He passed away after having an accident in a tournament.

King John Facts 6: Avisa

Avisa was the daughter and heiress of 2nd Earl of Gloucester, William Fitz Robert. John was expected to marry Avisa in 1189. However, the marriage between John and Avisa was annulled.

King John Image

King John Image

King John Facts 7: King Henry II

On July 6, 1189, King Henry II died at that Chateau Chinon. Automatically the throne of England went to Richard. He became the king. John was given a new title by King Richard as a Count of Mortain and Lord of Ireland.  In the next three years, John was asked to leave England.

King John Facts 8: Arthur of Brittany

Arthur of Brittany was the eldest son of Geoffrey. King Richard picked him as the heir of English throne.

King John Pic

King John Pic

King John Facts 9: Robin Hood

The famous legend of Robin Hood started around 1190. At that time, John tried to take the throne of England by overthrowing the Bishop of Ely, William Longchamp.

King John Facts 10: John as a king

John became the king of England after King Richard died on 6 April 1199.

King John Style

King John Style

On 24th August, 1200 King John married Isabelle of Angouleme. They had five kids. Those were Henry, Richard, Joan of England, Isabella of England and Eleanor of England. Are you satisfied with facts about King John?

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