10 Interesting Marco Polo Facts

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Marco Polo Facts present the information about the famous explorer in the world. Marco Polo was a Venetian man who set off with his uncle and father to go to Asia in 1271. Let’s find out the journey and experience of Marco Polo in Asia by reading the following post below:

Marco Polo Facts 1: the European

Marco is considered as one of the first European people who traveled along Asian cities. He spent 24 years for the exploration to know the technology and culture of the local people in Asia.

Marco Polo Facts 2: The Travels of Marco Polo

The Travels of Marco Polo is his popular book which made his voyage in the Asia read by most people in Europe. However, the book actually was written when he was in a prison.

Marco Polo Facts

Marco Polo Facts

Marco Polo Facts 3: prisoner

Marco Polo did not do something wrong, but he was captured in the prison. Three years after he returned from his journey in Asia in 1298, he was put in prison by a Venetian galley which had a fight with Italian city state of Genoa.

Marco Polo Facts 4: Rustichello of Pisa

Rustichello of Pisa was a talented writer of romance whom Marco Polo met when he was behind the bars. Because Marco Polo wanted to make his experience and journey in Asia as a book, Marco told his story to his fellow captive.

Marco Polo Pic

Marco Polo Pic

Marco Polo Facts 5: the completed book

In 1299, the book of Marco Polo’s journey was completed.  It was published and had a warm attention from the people.

Marco Polo Facts 6: the first European to travel

The first European person to travel to Asia was not Marco Polo, but Giovanni da Pian del Carpini. He was a Franciscan monk who arrived in China in 1240. It was 20 years before Marco Polo left Italy to have a journey. Check Italy facts here.

Marco Polo Story

Marco Polo Story

Marco Polo Facts 7: his father and uncle

You should never think that Marco Polo had a close relationship with his father and uncle. He hardly knew them became both left Italy on a trading activity in Asia few months after the birth of Marco Polo in 1254. In 1269, his father and uncle returned to Venice. It was the first time Marco Polo saw his father, Nicolo.

Marco Polo Facts 8: the second trip

Marco Polo joined the second trip of his father and uncle in Asia in 1271. Actually they only wanted to stay for a while in the Far East. But the journey took 20 years after they explored Asia together.

Marco Polo Travel

Marco Polo Travel

Marco Polo Facts 9: a gold paiza

Based on a 15th century manuscript of Marco Polo’s travelogues, The Polos had gold Paiza from Kublai Khan.

Marco Polo Facts 10: a merchant and an envoy

While the Polos were in China, they served not only as a merchant who traded gems, spices and silks. They also presented themselves as an envoy for Kublai Khan, the famous Mongol ruler.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo

The gold paiza that Kublai Khan gave to the Polo enabled him to wander all over Asia. Are you interested with facts about Marco Polo?

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