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If you want to know about the inspiring life of the Australian Christian evangelist and motivational speaker with tetra Amelia syndrome, you have to check Nick Vujicic Facts. Vujicic does not have four limbs because of the syndrome. But he could live a happy life and encourage people with disability to live well. Here are the facts about Vujicic for you:

Nick Vujicic Facts 1: personal information

Vujicic was born with the full name Nicholas James Vujicic on 4 December 1982.

Nick Vujicic Facts 2: childhood time

It is not easy for a child with tetra Amelia disorder to accept the body that she or he has. He had to struggle physiology, mentally and emotionally because of his ability. But it changed when he created Life without Limbs, a nonprofit organization when Vujicic was only 17.

Nick Vujicic  and Wife

Nick Vujicic and Wife

Nick Vujicic Facts 3: the meaning of life

Even though he lives without limbs, he always asks people to focus on his life. He gives motivational speeches the entire world to make people realize about meaning of life and hope for those living with disability.

Nick Vujicic Facts 4: God

Nick believes in God. He often states that God gives people the courage to overcome any kinds of disability.

Nick Vujicic Facts

Nick Vujicic Facts

Nick Vujicic Facts 5: the life in secondary school

Nick was involved with disability campaign and local charities when he was in secondary school. At that time, he worked with student council to organize a fundraising event at Runcorn State High School in Queensland, Australia.

Nick Vujicic Facts 6: miracle

Nick believes in miracle. Therefore, he always keeps a pair of shoes inside his closet.

Nick Vujicic Family

Nick Vujicic Family

Nick Vujicic Facts 7: Inspired for a Lifetime

The session “Inspired for a lifetime” was a part of Annual meeting 2011 on the world Economic forum. Nick became the speaker in the event on 30 January 2011 in Davos, Switzerland.

Nick Vujicic Facts 8: nomination

Nick got the nomination as the Young Australian of The Year Award in 2005.

Nick Vujicic Motivator

Nick Vujicic Motivator

Nick Vujicic Facts 9: education

If you think that man without four limbs cannot pursue high education, you are wrong. Nick proved that he could graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce at the age of 21 from Griffith University. He had a double major of financial planning and accountancy. Find out more inspiring people in Australia facts.

Nick Vujicic Facts 10: a motivational speaker

By becoming a motivational speaker, Nick could travel around the world. He focused more on the issues of teenagers.

Nick Vujicic Wedding

Nick Vujicic Wedding

He becomes the motivational speaker at schools, congregations, and cooperates. You can also read his inspiring book, Life without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life. Do you want to give opinion on facts about Nick Vujicic?

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