10 Interesting Derek Landy Facts

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Derek Landy Facts will make you learn more about the screenwriter and author from Ireland. His prominent work is Skulduggery Pleasant series. Landy was born on October 23rd, 1974. There are two screenplays created by Landy adapted into movies. Boy Eats Girl made into the nomination in IFTA. On the other hand, Dead Bodies earned an IFTA award. Check other interesting facts about Landy below:

Derek Landy Facts 1: writing Skulduggery Pleasant

Landy decided to write Skulduggery Pleasant because he was tired with the collaborative process to create movie scripts.

Derek Landy Facts 2: the publisher of Skulduggery Pleasant

Harper Collins decided to buy Skulduggery Pleasant as a novel. Landy got £1.8 million when he sold the publishing rights to the Harper Collins. The series contains 9 books.

Derek Landy Books

Derek Landy Books

Derek Landy Facts 3: the adaptation of Skulduggery Pleasant series

Skulduggery Pleasant series is very popular in the world. There is no need to wonder that Warner Bros is interested to adapt it as a movie.

Derek Landy Facts 4: the deal with Warner Bros

Landy got around $1 million to give the right for Skulduggery Pleasant series to be adapted by Warner Bros into movie in 2007.

Derek Landy Facts

Derek Landy Facts

Derek Landy Facts 5: the scripts of Skulduggery Pleasant series

Landy decided to buy back the right for adapting Skulduggery Pleasant series into a movie from Warner Bros because he was unhappy with the script.

Derek Landy Facts 6: Landy as a fan

Landy likes a lot with Doctor Who and Gilmore Girls. He is also in love with the works of Philip Pullman and Arlwin Magombo.

Derek Landy Pictures

Derek Landy Pictures

Derek Landy Facts 7: a short story

“The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage” was published in 2013 by Puffin. It was written by Landy as one of the short story collection in Doctor Who to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the notable show.  Check facts about Stephen Crane here.

Derek Landy Facts 8: working for a script

Landy worked with Clash of the Titans’ producers to create a script for this famous game.

Facts about Derek Landy

Facts about Derek Landy

Derek Landy Facts 9: the new series

The readers are waited for the new series from Landy to be published in the market. Demon Road is the new series that Landy currently writes. In August 2015, the first series was released. Find facts about Delta Goodrem here.

Derek Landy Facts 10: Demon Road

In March 2016, Demon Road: Desolation was published. In August 2016, the reader is served with third book Demon Road: American Monsters.

Derek Landy

Derek Landy

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