10 Interesting Jimi Hendrix Facts

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Read the interesting life and journey of the greatest guitar hero in the world in Jimi Hendrix facts. Even though he is not with us today, people still remember his work.  He passed away in the age of 27 old. He definitely is too young to die. Let’s find out the tales of Jimi Hendrix by seeing the facts about him below:

Jimi Hendrix Facts 1: date of birth

Hendrix was born on 27th November 1942 in Seattle, USA. His full name was John Allen Hendrix. He was raised only by his mother. At that time, his father, James Al Hendrix fought in World War II.

Jimi Hendrix Facts 2: James Marshall

He got another name from his father James Marshall. In 1945, his father returned from Europe. He took him and his parents divorced.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix Facts 3: new name

His name Jimi Hendrix was suggested by his manager, Chas Chandler. He was the bassist of the Animals who also worked as his manager.  He decided to use the name Jimi instead of John or James   when he came in 1966 in London.

Jimi Hendrix Facts 4: army

In 1959, he joined in the army after dropping out from the high school. He was enlisted as a trainee paratrooper for the Screaming Eagles’ 101st Airborne Division in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Jimi Hendrix Hair

Jimi Hendrix Hair

Jimi Hendrix Facts 5: a medical discharge

In his 26th parachute jump, he broke his ankle. He got a medical discharge because of this accident.

Jimi Hendrix Facts 6: musical talent

It seems that his father was very supportive toward his musical talents. He bought an acoustic guitar with the price of 5 dollar.  The gift was given when he was only 15 years old. A year after he received the cheap gift, his father bought him a Supro Ozark 1560S. It was the first electric guitar that he had. Another legend of music is seen in Elton John Facts.

Jimi Hendrix on Stage

Jimi Hendrix on Stage

Jimi Hendrix Facts 7: Jimmy James

Jimmy James was the name that he used when he worked as a session guitarist.  His career was increased when he could work with some great artists such as Little Richard, The Isley Brothers, Sam Cooke and Tina Turner.

Jimi Hendrix Facts 8: a notable showman

People always considered him as a showman. He could play the guitar using the teeth without touching the strings with his fingers. People should know that Jimi Hendrix was a left hand guitarist.

Jimi Hendrix Pic

Jimi Hendrix Pic

Jimi Hendrix Facts 9: Fender Stratocaster

His favorite guitar on stage was Fender Stratocaster. But you can also see him playing Les Paul, Flying V and Gibson SG. Fender Jazz master and the Fender Duo-Sonic were played in n some rare events.

Jimi Hendrix Facts 10: electric church

Jimi Hendrix really loved music.  Electric church is the term that he used to call his music. He stated that music was his religion.

Jimi Hendrix Style

Jimi Hendrix Style

One of his biggest fans was Paul Allen. He is the Microsoft co founder. Do you have any objection on facts about Jimi Hendrix?

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