10 Interesting Denver Facts

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One of the interesting places that you can visit in Colorado is explained in Denver facts. Before you visit Denver, it is better for you to collect many kinds of information about the city in Colorado, US. This city is well known with their professional sport teams. Find out more facts about this city here:

Denver Facts 1: elevation

Denver sits on the elevation of 5,280 feet above the sea level. It is a mile above the sea level. That’s why this city is famous with the nick name of Mile High City.

Denver Facts 2: saloon

A saloon is considered as the initial permanent structure in Denver.

Denver City

Denver City

Denver Facts 3: name

The name of the city is derived from the name of Kansas Territorial Governor James Denver. The name was chosen because the local people hope that this city can get the political favor.

Denver Facts 4: damage

There were two kinds of accident which make the city destroyed. It was damaged because of flood and fire. In the earlier years, the settlers were warned by the Indian people not to build a city in the land. However, the settler did not listen.

Denver facts

Denver facts

Denver Facts 5: facilities

One of the few Cities in United States which has been built without a railroad, navigable river, road and lake is Denver. In 1858, the first few flakes of gold were found in the city.

Denver Facts 6: capitol

The capitol of Colorado is Denver.  In 1908, Denver was the host for the Democratic National Convention.

Denver Mountain

Denver Mountain

Denver Facts 7: income

It seems that the income of the people in the city is high.  The median income per household in Denver was around $40,900. The US census in 2006 also reposed that the national median income was $48,201. It was slightly higher.

Denver Facts 8: sport teams

As I have stated before there are several kinds of sport teams in the city. Some of them are NHL’s Colorado Avalanches, MLB’s Colorado Rockies, and NBA’s Denver Rockets.

Denver Skyline

Denver Skyline

Denver Facts 9: companies

There are many big companies in Denver. You can see Western Union, United Launch Alliance, Molson Coors and Vodafone.

Denver Facts 10: Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos can be seen in Obama’s acceptance speech venue called Denver’s Invesco Field. In 1988 and 1999, the Broncos won the super bowl championship. They play for six times in the game.



Living in Denver makes you concern with the gas price. It is due to the fact that Denver is included as one of the highest per capita vehicle ownerships. Are you interested reading facts about Denver?

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