10 Interesting Hull Facts

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Check out Hull facts if you want to know the city believed as the important role in the beginning of the English civil war. It is estimated that the Ye Olde White Harte Pub located on the Silver Streets in Hull was the place where the English civil war started. Find out more surprising facts about Hull below:

Hull Facts 1: Charles I

Charles I was forbidden to enter Hull. This decision was created in 1642 in a room that people now called as the Plotting Parlour. This decision led to the English civil war.

Hull Facts 2: Bethia

Bethia is a merchant ship. It was constructed in Hull in 1784.



Hull Facts 3: Captain William Bligh

Captain William Bligh is a famous sea man. The Bounty created and launched in Hull was controlled by the famous captain.

Hull Facts 4: Amy Johnson

The famous female person who was born in Hull was Amy Johnson. On July 1st 1903, she was the first woman pilot for fly from Britain to Australia.

Hull facts

Hull facts

Hull Facts 5: Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe is the famous character created by Daniel Defoe. In the story, it is narrated that Crusoe sailed on September 1st 1651 from Queen’s Dock in Hull.

Hull Facts 6: the smallest window

If you want to know the smallest window in England, you need to vast Hull. This city is the home to the smallest window in George Hotel. This hotel also was the home to the oldest pubs in Hull.

Hull City

Hull City

Hull Facts 7: Humber Oil Company

One of the famous industries in Hull is the Humber Oil Company, Humbrol. This company was established in 1919 in Hull. At first, this company was forced to generate the bicycle oil.

Hull Facts 8: The Land of Green Ginger

The Land of Green Ginger is one of the famous streets in Hull. This street is infamous due to the unique name.  The location is the street is at the bottom of Whitefriargate in the old town of the city.

Hull UK

Hull UK

Hull Facts 9: Hull Truck Theatre

Hull Truck Theatre held the performance to entertain the local people. One of the most famous plays in the theater is Bouncers. The script was written by John Godber. In years, the play was performed in the theater for at least 8 times.

Hull Facts10: Thomas James Smith

Chemist shop was opened in Hull by Thomas James Smith in 1856. He also worked together with some hospitals to sell liver oil.

Hull View

Hull View

Thomas James Smith became one of the richest men with medicine industry. Are you interested to find out more facts about Hull?

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