10 Interesting Louis Tomlinson Facts

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Let’s find out the oldest member in One Direction by reading Louis Tomlinson facts. Louis is another famous member of One Direction.  Many girls love him due to his wonderful voice and handsome face. If you want to get closer with him, you need to collect the detail info about Tomlinson by reading the post below:

Louis Tomlinson Facts 1: date of birth

Louis was born in 1991 on Christmas Eve. He is a Capricorn boy. You can find out his trait from this zodiac.  He is steady, slow and wins the race.

Louis Tomlinson Facts 2: Fat Friends

Fat Friends is an ITV drama where Louis had a role here. At that time, he was only 11 years old. On the show, you can also find his sisters Daisy and Phoebe who played as babies.

Louis Tomlinson Facts

Louis Tomlinson Facts

Louis Tomlinson Facts 3: acting school

After he landed in a role in Fat Friends, he decided to be enrolled in an acting school. Then he got a role in BBC’s Waterloo Road and ITV drama If I Had You!

Louis Tomlinson Facts 4: a ringing noise

Tomlinson has to experience a ringing noise in his right ear.  However, this condition has not been diagnosed. Many people think he probably suffers tinnitus. If the condition is not treated well, it can make him deaf.

Louis Tomlinson Hair

Louis Tomlinson Hair

Louis Tomlinson Facts 5: the smelliest feet

Can you believe that Louis has the smelliest feet in One Direction?   This opinion is based on the statement of Niall who told The Sun that the smell of Louis feet can be captured with your nose easily. Check Harry Styles facts to know another member of One Direction.

Louis Tomlinson Facts 6: age

In Once Direction, Louis is the oldest member in the boy band. The second oldest member is Zayn Malik. Both are 13 months apart.

Louis Tomlinson Image

Louis Tomlinson Image

Louis Tomlinson Facts 7: early life

Louis was raised in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. There are some famous people who come from this small town. Those include Brain Blessed, Kevin Keegan and Jeremy Clarkson.

Louis Tomlinson Facts 8: carrot

It is so weird to find out the fact that Louis likes girls who love to eat carrot.

Louis Tomlinson Pic

Louis Tomlinson Pic

Louis Tomlinson Facts 9: favorite celebs

Natalie Portman is her favorite female celeb. If you ask him about his favorite male celeb, he loves Robbie William. Talking about his favorite band, he is a fan of The Fray.

Louis Tomlinson Facts 10: The X Factor

Louis was in The X Factor. When he did the audition, he sang a version of Plain White T’s ‘Hey There Delilah’. The judges like it.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

There were various part time jobs that he took before he was famous.  Once he worked as a hospitality waiter and worked in a local cinema. Do you want to share ideas on facts about Louis Tomlinson?

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