10 Interesting Kurt Vonnegut Facts

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Kurt Vonnegut facts give you the interesting facts about the famous author. People all over the world are amazed with the publication of his letters. He was born on 11 November 1922. This American writer died on 11th April 2007. Let’s find out more about his works and personal life below:

Kurt Vonnegut Facts 1: the famous works

Vonnegut has some famous works. You can read Breakfast of Champions (1973), Slaughterhouse-Five (1969) and Cat’s Cradle (1963). The themes of the works are mostly about science fiction, gallows humor and blend satire.

Kurt Vonnegut Facts 2: humanist beliefs

Vonnegut was famous with his humanist belief. He supported the American Civil Liberties Union.  People also recognized him as the honorary president for the American Humanist Association.

kurt vonnegut facts

kurt vonnegut facts

Kurt Vonnegut Facts 3: the counterculture’s novelist

Kurt Vonnegut is called as the counterculture’s novelist by the New York Times headline. Vonnegut was a unique writer. He graded his own books. He chose B- to score Welcome to the Monkey House, A+ for Slaughterhouse and C for Breakfast of Champions.

Kurt Vonnegut Facts 4: place of birth

Kurt Vonnegut is an American writer. He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. His father was Kurt Vonnegut Sr. His mother was Edith Vonnegut.  Kurt was considered as the third generation of German American member in the family.

kurt vonnegut image

kurt vonnegut image

Kurt Vonnegut Facts 5: education

Let’s talk about the education of Kurt Vonnegut. In May 1940, he graduated from Shortridge High School in Indianapolis.  In the fall season, he was enrolled to Cornell University.

Kurt Vonnegut Facts 6: major

In his university life, he chose chemistry as his major. However, he was involved with publishing and writing for he was the assistant managing editor and associate editor in the Cornell daily sun.

kurt vonnegut pic

kurt vonnegut pic

Kurt Vonnegut Facts 7: military

He was enrolled to the United States army when he still studied at Cornell University.  Then he was transferred to study mechanical engineering at Carnegie Institute of Technology and University of Tennessee.

Kurt Vonnegut Facts 8: death of his mother

Kurt never suspected that his mother committed suicide by drinking sleeping pills. He discovered the body of his mother when he left World War II on Mother’s day in 1944. Check World War 2 facts here.

kurt vonnegut writer

kurt vonnegut writer

Kurt Vonnegut Facts 9: education

When he went to college or university, he chose mechanical engineering, chemistry and anthropology as his majors in various universities. However, he never completed any of his study. Therefore, he did not have any title.

Kurt Vonnegut Facts 10: firebombing

In the firebombing of Dresden in 1944, Kurt was survived. In 1945, he had to go off the war because of frostbite.

kurt vonnegut

kurt vonnegut

Another weird fact of Kurt was when he won a purple heart for having frostbite in the war. Do you want to ask questions on facts about Kurt Vonnegut?

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