10 Interesting Marcel Duchamp Facts

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Marcel Duchamp Facts inform you with a French American chess player, painter, sculptor and writer. Duchamp is included as one of the important artists in Dadaism. However, his artistic works cannot be linked directly to the Dada assemblage. Let’s find out more facts about Marcel by reading the post below.

Marcel Duchamp Facts 1: the plastic arts

The plastic art is one of the prominent subjects in the beginning of 20th century. There are three artists who define the development of this art. Those are Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Duchamp. The plastic art influences the way people define the sculpture and paintings.

Marcel Duchamp Facts 2: a unique artist

Duchamp is called as a unique artist because he had distinctive point of view about art. He stayed away from the retinal art which only focused people on the arts works which can only satisfy the eyes. Therefore, he rejected the art works of his fellow artists.

Marcel Duchamp Art

Marcel Duchamp Art

Marcel Duchamp Facts 3: early life

Marcel was born in Blainville-Crevon Seine-Maritime, France. The lifestyle of his family affected his artistic mood. The house that he lived in with the family was filled with artistic works of his maternal grandfather, Emile Nicolle.

Marcel Duchamp Facts 4: activities in the family

There were many activities in the family that he liked to do with other members when he was young such as making music together, painting, reading books, and playing chess.

Marcel Duchamp Facts

Marcel Duchamp Facts

Marcel Duchamp Facts 5: siblings

There were seven children that the family had. But one died during the infancy. There were four children of Eugene and Lucie Duchamp who become great artists. Those were Suzanne Duchamp-Cotati, Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Jacques Villon and Marcel Duchamp.

Marcel Duchamp Facts 6: Lycée Pierre-Corneille

When Duchamp was only 8 years old, he studied at Lycée Pierre-Corneille in Rouen. He just wanted to follow the foot step of his brother to go to school and left home.

Marcel Duchamp Image

Marcel Duchamp Image

Marcel Duchamp Facts 7: mathematics

Even though Duchamp was not a brilliant student, he was good in mathematics.  In the school, he was the winner of 2 mathematics prizes.

Marcel Duchamp Facts 8: the decision to become an artist

Even though he was good at mathematics, he decided to become an artist after he got a prize for drawing in 1930. He was a winner of a coveted first prize in 1904.

Marcel Duchamp Pic

Marcel Duchamp Pic

Marcel Duchamp Facts 9: the mentor

Jacques Villon, his brother was always considered as by Marcel as his best mentor even though his teacher at school also taught him about art.

Marcel Duchamp Facts 10: an atheist

Duchamp was an atheist. He passed away after he had dinner with Robert Level and Man Ray. Check Man Ray facts here.

Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp

The heart of Duchamp stopped beating at 1:05 Am on October 2, 1968. He was buried at Rouen Cemetery, France. D you have opinion on facts about Marcel Duchamp?

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