10 Interesting Ghana Facts

Monday, February 17th 2014. | Countries

Ghana facts bring the information about one of the African countries in the world. Ghana is not a big country. It is one of the smallest countries in Africa. The people in the country still live in poverty. There are many organizations in the world try to help the country to survive financially. Find out more facts about Ghana by seeing the following post below:

Ghana Facts 1: official language

Let’s talk the official language that the people in Ghana used to communicate with other. They use English as the official language. However, some people also speak some native African languages.

Ghana Facts 2: population

The people living in the country are not bunches.  It is only a home to 23 million people.

Ghana and Water

Ghana and Water

Ghana Facts 3: independence

Many sub Saharan countries were colonized by Britain. The first one which got the independence from Britain is Ghana in 1957.

Ghana Facts 4: economy

Talking about the economy of this country, it depends a lot on the trading of cocoa and gold. It becomes the main commodities in Ghana.

Ghana facts

Ghana facts

Ghana Facts 5: financial aids

Even though Ghana lays their economy more on the trading of Gold and cocoa, this country is very dependent on the financial aids from the international countries and organizations.

Ghana Facts 6: Cedi

Cedi is the official currency used by the Ghana people when they trade with the sellers or buyers inside the country.  If you come here, you need to exchange your dollar with the local currency.

Ghana Flight

Ghana Flight

Ghana Facts 7: freedom of media

Freedom of media is highly appreciated in the country. There is no restriction about the private press function here. The media can report anything they want.

Ghana Facts 8: Accra

Accra is the capital of this country. If you want to visit this country, probably this is the first place that you need to reach before you go to some remote areas.

Ghana People

Ghana People

Ghana Facts 9: borders

This country shares border with other countries such as Burkina F and Ivory Coast.

Ghana Facts 10: languages

The people living in Ghana are separated based on their groups. They can speak 50 different languages which are native to Africa.



Even though Ghana is not a modern country, it serves the people with a natural view.  Most of the remote areas have not been touched by human. Are you interested with facts about Ghana?

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