10 Interesting Mauritania Facts

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Let’s find out the information about one of the formers colonies of France in Mauritania Facts. This country got its independence from France in 1960. The country is located on the shores of North Atlantic Ocean in North Africa. It is located between the former territory of western share and Senegal.  Here are facts about Mauritania for you:

Mauritania Facts 1: total land and sea

The land area in Mauritania is 1,030,000 square kilometers. The sea area is around 500 square km. Therefore, the total area of Mauritania is 1,030,500 square km.

Mauritania Facts 2: climate

Mauritania has low rain fall. You can find frequent drought here.  It has a desert, hot and dry climate.

Mauritania  Homes

Mauritania Homes

Mauritania Facts 3: the highest and lowest point

The highest point in Mauritania is located in Kediet Ijiil. It has the height of 915 meter. The lowest point is located at Sebkha de Ndrhamcha with the height -5 meters.  Most areas in Mauritania have flat, dry and barren plains.

Mauritania Facts 4: slavery

Slavery is one of the issues that people want to abolish in the world. In 1981, Mauritania passed the bill to eliminate slavery. You have to know that this country is one of the last countries in the world which abolishes the slavery. Get more facts about slavery here.

Mauritania Facts

Mauritania Facts

Mauritania Facts 5: poverty

Poverty is still the main issue that the government should deal with.  More than 40 percent of the people living in Mauritania still live below the poverty. There is no need to wonder that Mauritania is included as one of the poorest countries in the world.

Mauritania Facts 6: the longest train

Do you know that one of the longest trains in the world is located in Mauritania? It has the length of 3 km.

Mauritania Houses

Mauritania Houses

Mauritania Facts 7: Nouakchott

Nouakchott is picked as the capital of Mauritania in 1960s.  Nouakchott means place of the winds. In 2001, the off shore oil was found in the country.

Mauritania Facts 8: Mount Ijill

Mount Ijill is the highest mountain in Mauritania. It has the height of 915 meter. The mount is created mostly by iron ore or hematite.

Mauritania Map

Mauritania Map

Mauritania Facts 9: the natural resources

There are several kinds of natural resources that the country produces such as phosphate resources, gypsum, iron ore deposits, fish stocks, diamonds deposits, gold deposits and copper deposits.

Mauritania Facts 10:   languages

The people in Mauritania speak different languages such as Wolof, Pulaar, Hassaniya Arabic and French.

Mauritania People

Mauritania People

Talking about the agriculture, Mauritania produces grains. Millet, dates, rice, livestock, sorghum and corn. Do you want to comment on facts about Mauritania?

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