10 Interesting Lewis and Clark Facts

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Lewis and Clark facts give the interesting facts about the famous expedition of two white persons in America. The nonfiction story of both men makes people amazed as they traveled in America.  If you want to know more about Lewis and Clark, check the following post below:

Lewis and Clark Facts 1: meeting

The first meeting of Lewis and Clark was in 1795. Lewis was punished because he was involved in a drunken brawl. So the company transferred him to elite rifle shooter where he met Clark.

Lewis and Clark Facts 2: plan for the expedition

The plan of exploring the west area of America was not conducted the first time by Lewis and Clark. Actually Jefferson sent Andre Michaux who worked as a botanist to explore the west.

Lewis and Clark America

Lewis and Clark America

Lewis and Clark Facts 3: a French secret agent

People did not celebrate the exploration of Andre Michaux who was a French botanist. He actually was a secret agent for the French republic.  His intention on the expedition was to recruit the American militia, not to explore the west area.

Lewis and Clark Facts 4: a letter of credit

Jefferson gave Lewis a letter of credit.  This letter was very important because it allowed him to draw any section in the government of United States.

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Lewis and Clark Facts 5: gunpowder weapons

The journey was not really safe. People always think about the threat from the native tribes of America. During the journey, they brought gun-powered weapon to protect the group.

Lewis and Clark Facts 6: Sacagawea

If we talk about Lewis and Clark, we always associate it with Sacagawea. This native Indian woman married to the French Canadian Charbonneau after he won her in a bet.

Lewis and Clark Facts

Lewis and Clark Facts

Lewis and Clark Facts 7: name of Sacagawea

Many people in the Lewis and Clark’s group had difficulties when pronouncing her name. So people simply called her Janey. Learn more on Sacagawea facts.

Lewis and Clark Facts 8: Bitterroot Mountains

The expedition was rough and they had to be friend with nature. Under the extreme condition, they were forced to eat the dog meat. Clark did not like it, but Lewis seemed to like the meat.

Lewis and Clark Map

Lewis and Clark Map

Lewis and Clark Facts 9: a hunting trip

Lewis made a hunting trip with a member of the Corps named Cruzatte. He was nearly shot in the butt. Luckily he was safe, but he worried about the further attack from Cruzatte. On the other hand, Cruzatte stated that he did no shot Lewis.

Lewis and Clark Facts 10: Sergeant Gass

Sergeant Gass was one of the members in the Lewis and Clark expedition. Before the journal of Lewis was ready and published, Grass had sold his journal. Realizing Gass’ account was published before his account, Lewis stated that no one should read it.

Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark

Lewis has to suffer from the malaria attack. The disease occurred because of the side effect of expedition. It forced him to take opium regularly to cure the disease. In 1809, he committed suicide. Do you have any opinion on facts about Lewis and Clark?

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