10 Interesting Louis Riel Facts

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Louis Riel facts present the information about the founder of Manitoba province and Canadian politician. He was also famous as the spiritual leader of the Métis people who live in the Canadian prairies. Let’s find out more about Riel by reading the following post below:

Louis Riel Facts 1: the Canadian government

When Riel was alive, he organized two resistance movements against the Canadian government. He seeks for the preservation of the Métis culture and right. Today, the Canadian people called Riel as the Canadian folk hero. Check Canada Facts here.

Louis Riel Facts 2: the Red River Rebellion

The Red River Rebellion was the first resistance against the government that Riel organized. It occurred in 1869 to 1870. The rebellion ended with a negotiation between Riel and Government about the inclusion of modern province of Manitoba in the Canadian Confederation.

Louis Riel Facts

Louis Riel Facts

Louis Riel Facts 3: Thomas Scott

Thomas Scott was executed and it made Riel involved in controversy due to his execution. Therefore, Riel was exiled in United States because of this event.

Louis Riel Facts 4: Father of Manitoba

If people ask you who the father of Manitoba is, you need to refer it to Louis Riel. Actually he was elected 3 times in the Canadian House of Common while he was still a fugitive. But Riel seemed not interested with the seat.

Louis Riel Pic

Louis Riel Pic

Louis Riel Facts 5: the second resistance

In 1885, the North West Rebellion is the second resistance led by Riel.  When Riel returned to province of Saskatchewan, it made the government confronted him with military. However, Riel was arrested by the military. He was on the trial and executed because of high treason.

Louis Riel Facts 6: complex figure

The people in Canada are not easy to determine the figure of Riel. He is viewed as a complex character. Some people consider him as a traitor, while others see him as a hero.

Louis Riel Statue

Louis Riel Statue

Louis Riel Facts 7: date of birth

Riel was born in 1844 in Manitoba. His parents were Louis Riel, Sr. and Julie Lagimodière. His family was very respected by the local people. Riel was the eldest child in the family. His parents had 11 children.

Louis Riel Facts 8: father

His father was involved in a government too. He created a group which supported Guillaume Sayer. Sayer was an imprisoned Métis who challenged HBC’s historical trade monopoly.

Louis Riel

Louis Riel

Louis Riel Facts 9: his mother

Riel’s mother was the daughter of the earliest white families who established the Red River Settlement in 1812.

Louis Riel Facts 10: education

Let’s talk about the education of Louis Riel. During his childhood, he was educated by Roman Catholic priest at St Boniface.

Louis Riel

Louis Riel

When Riel was 13 years old, he was interested to learn from the Suffragan Bishop of St. Boniface, Alexandre Taché. Do you want to share ideas on facts about Louis Riel?

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