10 Interesting Walter Dean Myers Facts

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One of the most productive American writers is elaborated on Walter Dean Myers Facts.  He had created at least 100 books. Myers was mostly recognized due to his books for young adults. He also created the nonfiction and picture books. He was born on 12 August 1937 and died on 1 July 2014. His birth name was Walter Milton Myers.

Walter Dean Myers Facts 1: the awards

Do you know that Myers was a five-time winner of the Coretta Scott King Award for African-American authors?

Walter Dean Myers Facts 2: Vietnam War

The book of Myers, which provided the realistic depiction of Vietnam War, is Fallen Angels. The novel was published in 1988. He used the adult language in this challenged novel.

Walter Dean Myers Image

Walter Dean Myers Image

Walter Dean Myers Facts 3: the national ambassador

In 2012 until 2013, he was appointed as the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature in United States. See facts about Walt Disney here.

Walter Dean Myers Facts 4: the birthplace and early life

The birthplace of Myers was located in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Florence Dean, the first wife of George Myers, raised Walter after the death of his mother.

Walter Dean Myers Pic

Walter Dean Myers Pic

Walter Dean Myers Facts 5: the middle name

Walter was born under the birth name of Walter Milton Myers. However, he decided to change the middle into Dean to honor his foster parents. They were Florence Dean and Herbert Dean.

Walter Dean Myers Facts 6: the childhood

The neighborhood and church defined Myers’s childhood. He was guided by the church and protected by the neighborhood.

Walter Dean Myers

Walter Dean Myers

Walter Dean Myers Facts 7: the school period

He did not do well during the school period even though he was smart. He developed the interest of reading since the young age. He loved writing short stories and poetry. Check facts about Walt Whitman here.

Walter Dean Myers Facts 8: the place of living

Myers and his family lived in Jersey City, New Jersey. Christopher Myers is his son who becomes an illustrator and author.

Walter Dean Myers Facts

Walter Dean Myers Facts

Walter Dean Myers Facts 9: the contribution

Due to the contribution of Myers for writing for teens, the American Library Association gave him Margaret Edwards Award in 1994.

Walter Dean Myers Facts 10: the works

The works of Myers include The Young Landlords, The Dragon Takes a Wife, Won’t Know Till I Get There, Mojo and the Russians and many more. In 1990, Scorpions was published. The book is about a 12-year-old boy who became the leader of his brother’s gang. If you want to know the book, which narrated the story about a girl aspired to become a fashion moder, read Crystal published in 1987.

Facts about Walter Dean Myers

Facts about Walter Dean Myer

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