10 Interesting Hephaestus Facts

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Find out the quick Hephaestus facts in the following post below. He was famous as the husband of the beautiful Aphrodite. You can find out his attribute, strength, symbol, and appearance by seeing the explanation below. He is one of the important characters in Greek mythology.

Hephaestus Facts 1: Strengths

Hephaestus had some strength. He was capable to make metal working. Talking about his character; he was included as a cunning and creative person.

Hephaestus Facts 2: weakness

Hephaestus also had some weaknesses that all of the people surrounding him hate much. He was addicted to liquor. When he saw liquor, he wanted to drink it again and again.

Hephaestus facts

Hephaestus facts

Hephaestus Facts 3: symbols

If you see the Greek mythology book, you can find that the forge and fire are always attributed to Hephaestus.

Hephaestus Facts 4: appearance

Do you know the physical appearance of Hephaestus? This man had dark hair. You can also see that many pictures of his depict the small stature of Hephaestus. He also had misformed feet which made Hephaestus incapable of walking normally.

Hephaestus greek

Hephaestus greek

Hephaestus Facts 5: parents

Many experts state that Hephaestus was a child of Hera and Zeus. The legend stated that Hera threw the baby Hephaestus to the sea since he bore him without any father at that time. The sea goddess Thesis and her sisters saved Hephaestus from the sea.

Hephaestus Facts 6: wife

Hephaestus’ wife was Aphrodite. It seems that Hephaestus was very lucky to have this goddess as his wife. However, Aphrodite was the sister of Ares.

Hephaestus Image

Hephaestus Image

Hephaestus Facts 7: children

When we talk about the children of Hephaestus and Aphrodite, it is stated that Aphrodite had a love relation with Ares. The tale stated that he was the father of Eros. Hephaestus was also believed to create Pandora from the famous box.

Hephaestus Facts 8: Radamanthys

Radamanthys was his child.  This belief is based on the divine genealogies. However, Radamanthys was also considered as to be the child of Zeus and Europa.

Hephaestus Pic

Hephaestus Pic

Hephaestus Facts 9: temple

You can find the temple of Hephaestus near Acropolis in Athen. The temple was called Hephaestaion. It was built in 449 BCE and was preserved until this present day.

Hephaestus Facts 10: nickname

Some nicknames attached to Hephaestus were Daidalos and Daedalus. He was considered as the first god who flew by using the fake wings.



The fake wings remind people with Cretan craftsman. Are you interested with facts about Hephaestus?

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