10 Interesting Lava Lamp Facts

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Lava lamp facts give the interesting information about the decorative item at home. Many people use the lava lamp to increase the style of the house. This item is a good decor for the people who want to bring vintage and retro feeling at home. The lamp is popular in 1960s. Let’s find out the idea behind lava lamps by reading the following post below:

Lava Lamp Facts 1: the retro style

This lamp is very popular in the era of 1960s.  People consider the lamp suit the groovy style in the year. The psychedelic properties of the lava lamps make it unique and stylish.

Lava Lamp Facts 2: a unique lamp

Until this present day, a lava lamp is still used by people all over the world. Installing the lava lamp inside the bedroom is a good choice because you can enjoy soothing feeling.

Lava Lamp Facts

Lava Lamp Facts

Lava Lamp Facts 3: Edward Craven Walker

Who invented the lava lamp? It was Edward Craven Walker. The idea came in his mind in 1948. But it was executed perfectly into a lava lamp in 1963 when it has a mass production. He was a World War II pilot. This man died at the age of 82 years old in 2000. Find out World War 2 Facts here.

Lava Lamp Facts 4: colors

What makes people interested with the lava lamps is the color. There are various color combos and sizes that you can find on the stores. If you look at the first lava lamp, it is made from gold base filled with white or red lava and yellow or blue lava.

Lava Lamp Pic

Lava Lamp Pic

Lava Lamp Facts 5: light bulb

The base of the lava lamp is filled with a light bulb. It is very functional because it makes the lava inside the lamp flowing up.

Lava Lamp Facts 6: name

At first, the lamp is marketed as Astra Globe. But then it was sold with the name Lava Lite. Now people call it as a lava lamp.

Lava Lamp Red

Lava Lamp Red

Lava Lamp Facts 7: heat

You need to be careful with the heat of lava lamps. It can explode if the lamp is too hot. You need to make sure that the lamp is not on for a long period of time.

Lava Lamp Facts 8: colors of lava lamps today

People now are served with different colors of lamps today. You can have at least 150 lava lamps styles and colors.

Lava Lamp Types

Lava Lamp Types

Lava Lamp Facts 9: popularity

The popularity of lava lamp increased after the lamp is always seen by the people in primetime TV every night.

Lava Lamp Facts 10: the price of lava lamp

The most expensive lava lamp ever sold in the world was $15,000.

Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp

Even though lava lamp was introduced for the first time in 1960s, the popularity grew up from 1980s to 1990s. Are you satisfied with facts about lava lamp?

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