10 Interesting Greek Theatre Facts

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The major ancient writers of comedy and tragedy are explained in Greek theatre facts.  The theater is not only famous in England but also in other countries in the word such as Greece. This country has their style or writing on the drama. Let me show you the interesting facts below:

Greek Theatre Facts 1: performance

There are many kinds of performance that you can find on the Greek theaters. The tragedy or comedy is the main genre on the Greek drama. Some major Greek writers that you can find here include Aristophanes, Sophocles, Aeschylus and Euripides.

Greek Theatre Facts 2: Ancient Greek Tragedy

Ancient Greek Tragedy is very common to see in the Greek theater. The tragedy usually is centered on how the tragic hero suffering the misfortune through the whole story.

Hearst Greek Theatre

Hearst Greek Theatre

Greek Theatre Facts 3: Athenian religious festival

Athenian religious festival was celebrated for five days. The festival included the performance of Greek tragedy in the second half of the 6th century BC. it was conducted by the tyrant Peisistratus.

Greek Theatre Facts 4: Cleansing of Greek tragedy

Talking about the cleansing of Greek tragedy, Aristotle had his opinion. He stated that cleansing or catharsis was included as a part of the Greek tragedy.

Greek Theatre Look

Greek Theatre Look

Greek Theatre Facts 5: Great Dionysian

Great Dionysian is the name the festival involved the performance of Greek Tragedy. It was conducted to honor Dionysus in the late March to middle April. It is called as the Attic month of Elaphebolion.

Greek Theatre Facts 6: Limitations

When performing on stage, the players in the drama were not more than 3 actors and a chorus. If the performance needed more roles, the actors got double roles.

Greek Theatre Masks

Greek Theatre Masks

Greek Theatre Facts 7: mask

When the actors were performance on the Greek theater, they used masks.

Greek Theatre Facts 8: microphones

Since the Greek theater is a product of ancient time, the actors did not need any microphones.   The theater has great acoustic. So they actors could project their voice.

Greek Theatre Style

Greek Theatre Style

Greek Theatre Facts 9: Greek comedy

There are two kinds of Greek comedy. Both are the New and old comedy. Many people call the comedy as attic comedy because the comedy is only from Attica. It is a country located around Athens.

Greek Theatre Facts 10: Menander

Menander is the main writer for new comedy. Aristophanes is the most famous creator of the old comedy.

Greek Theatre

Greek Theatre

Greek comedy is very famous.  There is no need to wonder if the Roman comedy writers followed the feature and style of Greek New Comedy. What do you think on facts about Greek theatre?

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