10 Interesting Ted Hughes Facts

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Let me show you the interesting information about a children’s whiter and English poet on Ted Hughes Facts. He was born on 17th August 1930 and died on 28th October 1998. His full name is Edward James Hughes. He receives the status as one of the best poets among his generations. In 1984 until his death, he was Poet Laureate.  Here are other facts about Hughes below:

Ted Hughes Facts 1: the personal life

In 1956, Hughes and Sylvia Plath married. Her wife was the American poet. At the age of 30, Plath committed suicide in 1963.

Ted Hughes Facts 2: the relationship

Due to the suicide of her wife, Hughes was considered as a controversial figure by the American fans of Plath and several feminists.

facts about ted hughes

facts about ted hughes

Ted Hughes Facts 3: the last poetic work

The complex relationship that Hughes had was explored as the primary theme in his Birthday Letters (1998). It was the last poem of his. This work is often connected with the suicide of Plath.

Ted Hughes Facts 4: Last Letter

The description of what happed between Hughes and Plath three days before she committed suicide is found in Last Letter. In October 2010, the poem was discovered.

ted hughes birthplace

ted hughes birthplace

Ted Hughes Facts 5: the list of the greatest British writers

There was a list of a 50 greatest British writers since 1954 released by the Tome in 2008. Hughes took the fourth place.

Ted Hughes Facts 6: the birthplace

The birthplace of Hughes was located at 1 Aspinall Street, in Mytholmroyd. His mother was Edith. His father was William Henry.

ted hughes facts

ted hughes facts

Ted Hughes Facts 7: the personal interest

Hughes loved to do various activities with his family such as picnicking, swimming and fishing. Check facts about Quentin Blake here.

Ted Hughes Facts 8: the interest to poetry

He learned about the famous poets like Eliot and Hopkins because of his teachers like Miss McLeod and Pauline Mayne.  Olwyn, his teacher taught him to create verses in poetry. He was also mentored by Fisher.

Ted Hughes Facts 9: the first published poetry

A poem “The little boys and the seasons” is considered as the first poetry written by Hughes published in Chequer. He chose Daniel Hearing as his pseudonym. Hughes tried many jobs after leaving university. He became a reader, nightwatchman and a rose gardener. Get facts about Suzanne Collins here.

Ted Hughes Facts 10: the works of Hughes

The published poetry of Hughes include 1957 The Hawk in the Rain, 1986 Flowers and Insects, 1979 Remains of Elmet, 1975 Cave Birds, 1992 Rain-charm for the Duchy and 1989 Wolfwatching.

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