10 Interesting Jonas Salk Facts

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Jonas Salk facts present the interesting information about the man who invented the polio vaccine.  The polio vaccine invention is beneficial to the life of human being. There are many lives can be saved after the people are vaccinated. Here is the valuable information about Salk.

Jonas Salk Facts 1: patent of the vaccine

During an interview, Jonas Salk stated that he did not own the patent of the polio vaccine. It seems that Jonas Salk did it for the sake of the human being.

Jonas Salk Facts 2: a generous and humble person

Jonas Salk is considered as a humble and generous person after his invention of polio vaccine.   David M. Oshinsky has a book which talks about the polio issue of
Jonas Salk called Polio: An American Story. Read another humble person in John Locke facts.

Jonas Salk Image

Jonas Salk Image

Jonas Salk Facts 3: National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis and the University of Pittsburgh

National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis and the University of Pittsburgh were the place where Jonas Salk conducted the research on the polio vaccine. Both institutions wanted to make a patent of the vaccine. But Salk did not agree with it.

Jonas Salk Facts 4: Albert Sabin

Jonas Salk had a rival. His name is Albert Sabin. Both work as scientists.  A rock star status that Jonas Salk got after the invention of polio vaccine created bitterness for Albert Sabin.

Jonas Salk Pic

Jonas Salk Pic

Jonas Salk Facts 5: ideas of handing polio

Both Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin had different approaches when dealing with polio. Sabin created a vaccine used to weaken the virus. On the other hand, Jonas Salk killed the polio by giving the patients a killed virus preparation. It is an inactivate version of polio virus.

Jonas Salk Facts 6: fame

Even though both had different versions, the vaccine of Jonas Salk is much more popular around the word. Sabin’s vaccine is less used by the people. In 1993, Sabin passed away.

Jonas Salk Polio

Jonas Salk Polio

Jonas Salk Facts 7: Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Salk Institute for Biological Studies was established by Jonas Salk in 1960 in La Jolla California. Since its opening, it is one of the research powerhouses.

Jonas Salk Facts 8: scientist

There are some famous scientists who made a research here. One of them is Francis Crick. He was a DNA pioneer. Another scientist is the Nobel Prize winner Robert W Holley.

Jonas Salk Time

Jonas Salk Time

Jonas Salk Facts 9: architecture

The Salk institute is also famous with the wonderful architecture. It was created by Louis Kahn’s firm.

Jonas Salk Facts 10: Francoise Gilot

Do you know that the wife of Jonas Salk was the lover and muse of Pablo Picasso? Her name was Francoise Gilot, a French artist.  She had a relation with Picasso around 1940s and 1950s.

Jonas Salk

Jonas Salk

Both married and became a couple until the death of Salk in 1995. Are you inspired with facts about Jonas Salk?

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