10 Interesting Gillian Cross Facts

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Gillian Cross facts are about facts and trivia related to this woman. People recognized him as famous author actually. Yet, there will be many other facts that you may need to know about her. I want to provide some info that will be useful for you.

Gillian Cross Facts 1: writing at school

Gillian Cross was famous writer. She even had the fun in writing when she was at school. Yet, she never finished a thing when she was at school related to writing. She only had fun for the first chapter only during that time.

Gillian Cross Facts 2:  other careers

She also had other careers besides his writing. Those are village baker, child minder, and also MP assistant. Yet, she considered writing to provide her sufficient money to live her life. She also really loved writing compared to others.

Gillian Cross Facts

Gillian Cross Facts

Gillian Cross Facts 3:  first book published

What was her first published book? It was The Runaway. The book was published within the year 1979.

Gillian Cross Facts 4: first book difficulty

She said that she gained difficulty in publishing her first book. It was approximately 5 years for hear to be able to find a great publishers. The result of endeavor was the luck in finding 2 publishers in the same week for different books.

Gillian Cross Novel

Gillian Cross Novel

Gillian Cross Facts 5: favorite book

As a writer, it was true that she also had her own favorite book. Although she really loved her work better than any others, she gained interest to “Wolf” and the “The Great Elephant Chase”. She also loved “Chartbreak” and also “The Tree House”.

Gillian Cross Facts 6:  favorite children book

She also had certain favorite children book actually in the children theme. They were “The Secret Garden” written by Frances Hodgson Burnett and “Tulku” by Peter Dickinson.

Gillian Cross Pic

Gillian Cross Pic

Gillian Cross Facts 7: book writing time

Next fact is about the time spent in writing a book. It took approximately 9 months in order to finish a long book. Yet, usually she spent 2 years for it. She also spent time to read first before writing.

Gillian Cross Facts 8:  the usage of computer

She also once used computer to help her writing a book. She had the problem in writing by using her left hand.

Gillian Cross Wolf

Gillian Cross Wolf

Gillian Cross Facts 9: writing routine

Although she had writing routine, the real application wasn’t that simple. It didn’t always work like what she had planned.

Gillian Cross Facts 10: writer’s group

She never joined writer’s group. She was so secretive. She also considered herself to be so much embarrassed about many things.

Gillian Cross

Gillian Cross

Getting facts about Gillian Cross is not easy. The information provided above is basic to learn about. There are still many other facts people need to know. In this case, internet can become great option actually.

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