10 Interesting Jakarta Facts

Thursday, April 17th 2014. | Cities

Find out Jakarta facts in the following post below. Jakarta is one of the famous cities in the world. It is a very populous city in the world. More than 86 percent of the people living in Jakarta are Muslim. If you are interested to learn about Jakarta, read the post below:

Jakarta Facts 1: location

Let’s talk about the location of Jakarta. It is situated in the north west of Coast of Java Island. In the past this city was recognized with name Sunda kelapa. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia.

Jakarta Facts 2: center of Indonesia

When people want to do business in Indonesia, they have to visit Jakarta first. This city is considered as the focal point of politics, culture and economics of the country.

Jakarta Facts

Jakarta Facts

Jakarta Facts 3: time zone

Based on the coordinated universal time, the time zone in Jakarta is +7 hours UTC.

Jakarta Facts 4: temperature

Jakarta is a very hot city. In January, the temperature in Jakarta is around 84/73 degree F. In July, it is around 88 /73 degree F.

Jakarta Flood

Jakarta Flood

Jakarta Facts 5: population

Now let’s find out the population in Jakarta. This city is the largest one in the country. It has been a home to more than 23 million people.

Jakarta Facts 6: independence

Indonesia is an independent country since 17th August 1945. The independence was proclaimed By Soekarno in Jakarta. He became the first president of Indonesia.

Jakarta Houses

Jakarta Houses

Jakarta Facts 7: landmarks

There are several famous landmarks that you can visit while you are in Jakarta. You can enjoy the look of the National monument called Tugu Monas, Bank of Indonesia and national stock exchange.

Jakarta Facts 8: airports

There are two major airports that you can use for air transportation. You can use the Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport and Soekarno-Hatta international airport.

Jakarta Skyline

Jakarta Skyline

Jakarta Facts 9: name

Before people call the city Jakarta, it had various names before. In 397 to 1527, it was called Sunda Kelapa. In 1527 to 1619, it was called Jayakarta. In 1619 to 1942, people called it Batavia.

Jakarta Facts 10: culture

When you visit Jakarta, you can see the mixture between the traditional Indonesian culture and western culture.



Jakarta is a famous sport place. It hosted the Asian cup 2007 and Asian Games 1962. Do you have any opinion on facts about Jakarta?

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