10 Interesting Kelly Clarkson Facts

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Get the information about the wonderful singer in the world in Kelly Clarkson facts. Clarkson is famous after she became the winner of American Idol. Her songs made people flattered until this present day.  When she sang A Moment Like This, people hold their breath. Here are the interesting facts about Kelly Clarkson?

Kelly Clarkson Facts 1: A Moment Like This

A Moment like This is the first single of Kelly Clarkson. This single is commercially successful because it came on the top of the chart.

Kelly Clarkson Facts 2: job

When Kelly was 19 years old, she took a job in a Six Flags Amusement park. While working in an amusement park, she met Jessica who became her friend. Jessica was the one who made Kelly get an audition in American Idol.

Kelly Clarkson Beauty

Kelly Clarkson Beauty

Kelly Clarkson Facts 3: The role of Jessica

Jessica was very influential in the journey of her life. The persistence of Jessica to make Kelly joined the American audition changed her life a lot. Kelly gave her a vintage convertible.

Kelly Clarkson Facts 4:    Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Not many people know that Kelly Clarkson made a brief appearance in the serial Sabrina, the Teenage Witch before she followed the American Idol audition.  You can see her appearance in the episode of The Whole Ball of Wax.

Kelly Clarkson Facts

Kelly Clarkson Facts

Kelly Clarkson Facts 5: “Before Your Love”

Many people think that Kelly’s first video is A Moment like This. It is not true because her first video was “Before Your Love”. It was released in September 2002.

Kelly Clarkson Facts 6: Reba McEntire

Do you know that Reba McEntire is Kelly’s favorite idol? She was honored because she performed live with her at American Idol Live in Las Vegas in 2002. Find out another great singer in Katy Perry facts.

Kelly Clarkson Idol

Kelly Clarkson Idol

Kelly Clarkson Facts 7: Waitress

Kelly Clarkson had some various jobs before she was famous with her 1 million contract in America Idol. She was called as a red Bull girl because of her work as a waitress. At an event, she would give free samples to customers.

Kelly Clarkson Facts 8: vote

During the final of the American Idol, Kelly had to face with Justin. The final vote stated that Kelly was the winner with 58 percent to 42 percent vote for Kelly and Justin.

Kelly Clarkson Singer

Kelly Clarkson Singer

Kelly Clarkson Facts 9: date of birth

Kelly Clarkson was born on 24th April 1982. She is originally from Burleson, Texas. Her full name is Kelly Brianne Clarkson.

Kelly Clarkson Facts10: sibling

There are two siblings that Kelly has. She has a sister and a bother. She also has step siblings.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson

Thankful is the name of Kelly’s first full CD. If you want to hear her wonderful voice, you listen to the CD. Do you have any opinion on facts about Kelly Clarkson?

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