10 Interesting Mariah Carey Facts

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If you are interested to find out the information the stunning diva, you have to read Mariah Carey Facts. Carey is famous with her amazing voice. When you see her singing on stage, you will be amazed with great and stunning voice. Here are facts about Mariah Carey for you:

Mariah Carey Facts 1: name

Her name was derived from a song with the title they Call the Wind Mariah. There is no need to wonder that she was born to sing.

Mariah Carey Facts 2: date of birth

Mariah Carey was born on 27 March 1970 in Huntington, New York. Her full name is Mariah Angela Carey.

Mariah Carey Facts

Mariah Carey Facts

Mariah Carey Facts 3: parents

Her father is an African American / Venezuelan, Alfred Roy Carey. He worked as an aeronautical engineer.  Her mother was Patricia Hickey. She was an Irish American woman. Patricia worked as a freelance vocal coach and an opera singer with Mezzo soprano voice.

Mariah Carey Facts 4: amazing voice

Her mother, Patricia was amazed when she found out that her two year old daughter, Mariah could imitate her singing opera. When Mariah was four years old, she had her first singing lesson.

Mariah Carey Husband

Mariah Carey Husband

Mariah Carey Facts 5: Mirage

When she was in high school, Mariah was called Mirage by her friends. It is due to the fact that she often cut class.

Mariah Carey Facts 6: odd jobs

There were several odd jobs that Carey had done in her life before she was famous. She supported herself by becoming hair sweeper in hair dressing saloons, hostess, waitress, and coat checker.

Mariah Carey Pic

Mariah Carey Pic

Mariah Carey Facts 7: a backup singer

Her singing career began when she worked as a backup singer for Brenda K Starr. Find out another singer in Madonna facts.

Mariah Carey Facts 8: Tommy Mottola

Tommy Mottola made her famous.  She was in touch with the executive after he heard one of her demo tapes. In 1990, Carey got a self titled debut by signing a contract with Columbia Record.

Mariah Carey Singer

Mariah Carey Singer

Mariah Carey Facts 9: Grammy awards

Her debut record made her get two Grammy awards. In 1991 at MTV Music Video Awards, she performed “Emotions” which made people amaze.

Mariah Carey Facts 10: Tommy Mottola

Tommy Mottola was the first husband of Mariah Carey. Both married in 1993. But then both divorced in 1998.

Mariah Carey Style

Mariah Carey Style

During her career as a singer, Mariah had worked with various musicians such as Boyz II Men, westlife, SnoopDogg, Brian McKnight, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and 98 Degrees. Are you interested with facts about Mariah Carey?

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