10 Interesting Alexander The Great Facts

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One of the prominent ancient people is explained in Alexander the Great facts. Alexander the Great died when he was just 32 years old. He was ill in Babylon and passed away a few weeks after his illness. This great warrior is always recognized with his army and weapon. Here are some fascinating facts about Alexander the Great:

Alexander The Great Facts 1: India war

When Alexander the great invaded Indian, they were surprised with the new weapon used by the Indian people to fight the Macedonians. The Macedonian people have to struggle against elephants.

Alexander the Great Facts 2: Porus

Porus is one of the greatest Indian leaders. After Alexander the Great conquered Persian, he moved his army to India. The war with Porus occurred at the river of Hydaspes in July 326 BC. In this battle, the Indian people were defeated.

Alexander The Great

Alexander The Great

Alexander the Great Facts 3: Darius

Darius was the Persian king whom Alexander the Great wanted to have a war with. However, he found him assassinated by his own people. The assassins then were executed by the Alexander the Great. A royal funeral was given to Darius.

Alexander the Great Facts 4: Gordian Knot

Gordian Knot is very famous. When Alexander the Great had to face the men, he cut the knot using a sword.

Alexander The Great and army

Alexander The Great and army

Alexander The Great Facts 5: treasures in Darius camp

Since the king of Persia, Darius died, Alexander the Great got many prizes that he found on his tent. He own Darius mother, wife, princesses, noblewoman, 3,000 talents of gold, and many more.

Alexander The Great Facts 6: fear

Even though Alexander the Great is very famous with his power, he had one fear. It was his shadow.

Alexander The Great Facts

Alexander The Great Facts

Alexander The Great Facts 7: Alexander’s horse

Alexander the Great had his favorite horse. It was called as Bucephalas. In most of his battles, he always rode Bucephalas. In 326 BC, Bucephalas died. To honor the horse, the name of a city in India is Bucephala.

Alexander the Great Facts 8: Bucephalas

Bucephalas is Alexander’s famous horse. It had a white blaze located on his forehead. The horse was a black stallion.

Alexander The Great Pic

Alexander The Great Pic

Alexander The Great Facts 9: a divine man

Alexander considered himself as a divide person. His own mother stated that the one who impregnated her actually was a serpent which can be identified as Zeus Ammon, not Philip.

Alexander The Great Facts 10: mentor

The famous Greek mentor for Alexander the Great was Aristotle.

Alexander The Great Statue

Alexander The Great Statue

Do you know the mother of Alexander the Great? She was Olympians. His father was Phillip II. Do you want to add more facts about Alexander the Great?

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