10 Interesting James Monroe Facts

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James Monroe facts are only the basic if you want to take benefits from the knowledge about this US president. There are people who don’t know yet about how to get best knowledge of him. So, you need to really understand the importance of such facts.

James Monroe Facts 1: birth

James Monroe was born in 1758. It was in Virginia. He was born in prosperous family. He received a good education yet he dropped out of college in 1775. The purpose was to join the Continental Army. He was also involved in famous crossing of the Delaware.

James Monroe Facts 2: college degree

James Monroe had finished his college degree. He studied law under Thomas Jefferson hoping in using the training as the need in entering politics. The fact it really worked. He later entered Virginia House of Delegates in the year 1782.

James Monroe

James Monroe

James Monroe Facts 3: U.S House of Representatives

He had the adoption of the Constitution. He also ran for a seat within the U.S House of Representatives. It was in 1789. Yet, he was defeated by James Madison. He actually won a seat within the following year. He also gained the alliance with the Jeffersonians.

James Monroe Facts 4: Minister to France

It was in 1794 when Monroe was named Minister to France. It was by President Washington. He was outraged by the passage of the Jay Treaty. He also was effectively allied the U.S with the Britain.

James Monroe facts

James Monroe facts

James Monroe Facts 5: Governor of Virginia

He was elected as Governor of Virginia in the year 1799. He was called out the militia in order to put down the rebellion of the slave. In the result of rebellion, he gained the different amount of slaves’ education.

James Monroe Facts 6: Minister to Britain

He was named Minister to Britain during the Jefferson presidency. Monroe brokered the renewal of the Jay Treaty. He had opposed a decade earlier in fact.  He also refused in accepting the treaty actually.

James Monroe Image

James Monroe Image

James Monroe Facts 7: James Madison

Monroe served as the Secretary of State under James Madison. It was when the War of 1812 occurred or began badly.

James Monroe Facts 8: president

Monroe began to be president in 1816. It was due to the collapse of the old Federalist Party. He also won a landslide victory against a weak opponent of Federalist. He won three states and 34 of the electoral votes.

James Monroe Pic

James Monroe Pic

James Monroe Facts 9: collapse of Federalist Party

Monroe had little to no organized opposition during his two terms in his office. It resulted in what any commentators said to be the Era of Good Feelings.

James Monroe Facts 10: last powdered wigs president

Monroe was recognized to be the last president of U.S wearing powdered wigs and also the knee breeches.

James Monroe Young

James Monroe Young

There are different facts about James Monroe that you can learn about. The above are only part of the overall information that you can learn about this famous president. Learn better for better education if you want.

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