10 Interesting Jennifer Collier Facts

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Jennifer Collier facts give the information about one of the famous artists in the world. She likes to create artistic work from paper. She will stitch, trap, wax and bond the paper to produce wonderful art that make people impressed with her talents, imagination and creativity. Let’s find out about Jennifer Collier more by reading the following post below:

Jennifer Collier Facts 1: unusual paper

The main material to create her arts is from the unusual paper. She would like to use the house hold objects in the remaking process of her art.

Jennifer Collier Facts 2: cloth

Collier can create the paper into cloth. People will think that it is a real cloth for the paper is created by stitching. Most of her artistic papers are considered as a combination between contemporary and traditional style.

Jennifer Collier

Jennifer Collier

Jennifer Collier Facts 3: Experimental Textiles

Experimental Textiles are the main issue that Collier bought in her arts. She often used paper and books to create arts.  They are considered as the major inspiration for Collier to create experimental textiles.

Jennifer Collier Facts 4: transformation

It seems that Collier like with green living.  It can be proved from her intention to recycle and reuse the old paper to create a new form of art. There is no need for the people to throw away the paper if they can use it as an artistic look.

Jennifer Collier Facts

Jennifer Collier Facts

Jennifer Collier Facts 5: education

Let’s talk about the education of Jennifer Collier. She graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1999. She took her major in Textiles (print, knit and weave). She got a BA degree.

Jennifer Collier Facts 6: technique

There is no need to wonder that Collier had great technique when transforming paper due to her degree and education. She loves to work with paper.

Jennifer Collier Pic

Jennifer Collier Pic

Jennifer Collier Facts 7: works

Since she was very familiar with paper, you can see her work featured in many books and magazines such as Marie Claire, Elle Decoration, Vogue, Country Living, Embroidery, Crafts, Eve, Red, and Times and many more.

Jennifer Collier Facts 8: workshop

Collier had great experience to run many kinds of workshops. She often called in different kinds of galleries, schools and colleges in Manchester and Tate Liverpool.

Jennifer Collier Shoes

Jennifer Collier Shoes

Jennifer Collier Facts 9: working with children

Her workshop is not only for adults but also for children. She has experience to work with children who have social issues.

Jennifer Collier Facts 10: Unit Twelve

If you want to know her work, you can visit her own gallery. It is called Unit Twelve.

Jennifer Collier Phone

Jennifer Collier Phone

The gallery is opened for public. You can see a themed art workshop, changing program of contemporary craft exhibition and many more. Are you interested with facts about Jennifer Collier?

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