10 Interesting the Yukon Territory Facts

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The Yukon Territory Facts tell the readers about the smallest federal territory in Canada. The country has three federal territories. They are Nunavit, Northwest Territories and Yukon.   The population is not dense for it is only inhabited by 35,000 people. The only city in Yukon is Whitehorse. It also serves as the territorial capital. Get more interesting facts about the Yukon Territory below:

The Yukon Territory Facts 1: the history of Yukon

The history of Yukon was traced back after it split from the Northwest Territories in 1898. On 27 March 2002, the royal assent was granted for Yukon Act. It received the official name of Yukon. However, most people often call it Yukon Territory. YT, which stands for Yukon Territory, is still applied by the Canada Post.

The Yukon Territory Facts 2: languages

Most people who live in Yukon speak the French and English languages. The First Nations languages are spoken too.

the Yukon Territory Pic

the Yukon Territory Pic

The Yukon Territory Facts 3: the highest mountain

The highest mountain in Canada is located in Yukon. It is Mount Logan, which has the height of 19,551 feet or 5,959 meter. The mountain is housed within Kluane National Park and Reserve. In North America, Mount Logan is called as the second highest mountain.

The Yukon Territory Facts 4: climate

The subarctic climate is spotted in Yukon Territory. The warm summer season is very short. The remaining season is dominated with the long cold winter.

the Yukon Territory Image

the Yukon Territory Image

The Yukon Territory Facts 5: the prominent rivers

Yukon Territory has some prominent rivers like Tatshenshini, Yukon, White, Stewart and Pelly Rivers.

The Yukon Territory Facts 6: the borders

Yukon shares border with British Columbia, Northwest Territories and Alaska.

the Yukon Territory Climate

the Yukon Territory Climate

The Yukon Territory Facts 7: lakes

Yukon is a home of a number of lakes, which include Kluane Lake, Lake Laberge, Teslin Lake, Kusawa Lake and Marsh Lake.

The Yukon Territory Facts 8: the national parks

If you are in Yukon, you can visit the national parks like Vuntut National Park and Ivvavik National Park.

the Yukon Territory Facts

the Yukon Territory Facts

The Yukon Territory Facts 9: the notable industry

Mining was the notable industry of Yukon in the past. It produced copper, asbestos, gold, silver, zinc and lead.

The Yukon Territory Facts 10: the economy

Tourism is flourished in Yukon because of the outdoor recreation and beautiful natural scenes. Trapping and fishing lose their popularity today. The biggest employer in Yukon is the governmental sector. Other sectors of economic include the hydroelectricity, clothing, furniture making and handicrafts.

the Yukon Territory

the Yukon Territory

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