10 Interesting Redwood National Park Facts

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Redwood National Park Facts elaborate the details about the famous national Park in United States. The exact location of this park is at the coast of northern California. It was established in 1968 in the form of Redwood National Park. In 1920s, California’s Del Norte Coast, Jedediah Smith, and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Parks were created. Then both were combined to make up the today’s Redwood National Park. It has the total area of 133,000 acres or 540 km square. Here are the interesting facts about Redwood National Park:

Redwood National Park Facts 1: the location

Redwood national park is located in Del Norte and Humboldt Counties.  The park is used to protect 45 percent of the whole coast redwood in the forest. It comprises 157.75 km square area.

Redwood National Park Facts 2: Sequoia sempervirens

Sequoia sempervirens is the coast redwood.  This tree is considered as the tallest one on earth. It is also massive.

Redwood National Park Facts

Redwood National Park Facts

Redwood National Park Facts 3: other flora and fauna

When you come to Redwood National Park, you can also enjoy other types of flora and fauna. You can also view the river, streets, and grassland prairies.

Redwood National Park Facts 4: the old grown redwood forest

The old growth redwood spanned along 8,100 km square or 2,000,000 acres of the Californian coast in 1850. Find out Olympic National Park facts here.

Redwood National Park Map

Redwood National Park Map

Redwood National Park Facts 5: preservation

In 1918, Madison Grant, Henry Fairfield Osborn and John C. Merriam established the Save the redwood league. It was used to encourage the awareness of the people to protect the redwood population.

Redwood National Park Facts 6: the logged one

More than 95 percent of the old growth redwoods in the area were logged. Today, this park protects 157.95 km square of redwood. The management of the redwood is divided between the state and federal government. Check out National Park facts here.

Redwood National Park Pic

Redwood National Park Pic

Redwood National Park Facts 7: the tallest living specimen

The tallest living specimen in Redwood National Park was the Stratosphere Giants before September 2006. The height was 110 meter or 370 feet.

Redwood National Park Facts 8: the tallest tree

Based on the report in September 2006, the tallest tree in the park was Hyperion. It had the height at 115.5 meter or 379.1 feet.

Redwood National Park Visitors

Redwood National Park Visitors

Redwood National Park Facts 9: other plants

Other floras that you can find here include salmonberry, blackberry and huckleberry. The animals love to eat these fruits.

Redwood National Park Facts 10: fauna

There are numbers fauna in Redwood national Park. You can spot black tailed deer, coyote, otter, beavers, mountain lion, black dear and bobcat.

Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park

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