10 Interesting Karate Facts

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If you are interested to know about the famous sport for defending yourself, read karate facts.  If you are enrolled in karate lesson, don’t forget to call the teacher sensei. In karate, people are divided based on the skill.  You can see the belt color of the people to know his skill and ability. Here are the interesting facts about karate:

Karate Facts 1: Black

Black belt is the highest belt color in karate.  Black is the considered as the traditional color. But some American people wear a red belt.

Karate Facts 2: Dojo

Dojo is the name of the place where you learn karate. This dojo can be installed in a gym, a small room or even your bedroom.

Karate Facts

Karate Facts

Karate Facts 3: a karate tournament

If you want to be involved in a karate tournament, it is better for you to learn about the etiquette before you fight with the opponent.  To respect each other, you need to give bow before and after your leave the karate ring.  You need to understand that martial art is about respect.

Karate Facts 4: Judo

Many people misunderstand by saying that Judo is a form of karate. It is totally false. Judo and karate are two different forms. Both of them are the forms of martial arts. Read judo facts here.

Karate in US

Karate in US

Karate Facts 5: uniform

The uniform that the karate people wear is called Gi.  You can find them wearing white Gi since white is considered as the traditional color. In modern world, people began to experiment with other colors such as white and blue or red and black.

Karate Facts 6: kama

Kama is the name of the weapon used in karate.  The shape of the weapon reminds people with a sickle.

Karate Pic

Karate Pic

Karate Facts 7: roundhouse kick

In Japanese language, a roundhouse kick in karate is called mawashi geri.

Karate Facts 8: Ed Parker

Ed Parker is a famous person in American karate. He was considered as the founder of the American Kenpo karate. It was established in 1950s. One of his famous students was the singer and entertainer Elvis Presley.

Karate Practise

Karate Practise

Karate Facts 9: hanshi

The highest title for the person with great ability in karate art is called hanshi. The karate level of this person is around 9th to 10th degree with black belt.

Karate Facts 10: Tatsuo Shimabuku

Tatsuo Shimabuku is the founder of Okinawan karate style of Isshinryu. He combined two types of ancient karate styles of Shurite (Shorinryu) and Naha te (Gojuryu).

Karate Students

Karate Students

Robert Trias is the first American person to teach karate in United States. He had the first school for karate in Phoenix, Arizona. Are you inspired with facts about karate?

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