10 Interesting Apple INC Facts

Sunday, November 10th 2013. | Business

Apple INC facts present the information about one of the biggest electronic companies in the world. The Apple products can cost thousand dollars. People love them because they are prestigious, wonderful and durable. In 1983, the first design of iPhone was created. The design looks like an Ipad. Here are the complete facts about Apple INC.

Apple INC Facts 1: phone trademark

In 2000, a local company called Gradiente Eletronicas registered an iPhone trademark which made Apple lost its right.

Apple INC Facts 2: Steve Job’s funeral

Steve Job’s funeral was protested by Westboro Baptist Church. They announced the protest via twitter by using iPhone.



Apple INC Facts 3: human exposure to RF energy

If you want to reduce the human exposure to RF energy, you need to locate iPhone 5/8 inch from your head. This instruction is based on the FCC and European Union guideline.

Apple INC Facts 4: iPhones in China

iPhones in China can be made faster. Each hour, Apple hires at least 24 engineers to construct the 200,000 assemblies.

Apple company

Apple company

Apple INC Facts 5: Samsung

Samsung actually is company which creates the A5 processor for Apple’s iPad and iPhone.

Apple INC Facts 6: Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan is a codename used by Apple for their 90’s computers. After the usage for the codename, Carl Sagan sent Apple a cease and desist letter. It made Apple replace the codename into Butt Head Astronomer. But Carl Sagan sued again for the libel and lost. That’s why Apple then dropped the name and used Lawyers are Wimps.

apple inc facts

apple inc facts

Apple INC Facts 7: fake Apple stores

If you want to buy apple’s products, you have to be careful because there were some fake Apples stores in China. The stores convinced the buyers that they worked for Apple and sold the original products of Apple.

Apple INC Facts 8: cash

Apple is a successful company.  In July 2011, this company had more money stored in bank than the government of US. Can you believe it?

Apple Headquarters

Apple Headquarters

Apple INC Facts 9: Google

It seems that Google loved apple’s iOS much because it can give them more money compared to Android.

Apple INC Facts 10: iPads

Technology makes everything simpler and easier. You can see that many pilots now use their iPads to place the traditional paper manuals.

New iPhone 5

New iPhone 5

There are many kinds of ads that Apple uses to promote their products. One of them is by having eight minutes of screen time in 2011 Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. One thing for sure, Apple got the screen time for free. How you do you like the facts about Apple INC?

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