10 Interesting Martha Washington Facts

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Martha Washington facts provide the information about the former first lady. She was the wife of George Washington, the first president of United States. Her full name was Martha Dandridge Custis Washington. If you are interested to find out facts about her, see the following post below:

Martha Washington Facts 1: date of birth

Martha was born on 2 June 1731 in New Kent County, Virginia. There were eight children in the family and she was the eldest one.

Martha Washington Facts 2: Colonel John Dandridge

Colonel John Dandridge was her father.  He also owned a plantation which made the family of Martha very rich.

Martha Washington Facts

Martha Washington Facts

Martha Washington Facts 3: height

Martha was not a tall woman. Her height was only 5 feet. But it was enough to attract the future president at that time.

Martha Washington Facts 4: hobby

Riding a horse was the favorite hobby of Martha. She ever rode a horse when she wanted to threaten her uncle. It seems that Martha was a brave woman.

Martha Washington First Lady

Martha Washington First Lady

Martha Washington Facts 5: Colonel Daniel Parke Custis

When Martha was only 17 years old, she married Colonel Daniel Parke Custis. Both had four children. But there were two children died when they were still babies. When Martha was 25 years old, the colonel died.

Martha Washington Facts 6: George Washington

Three years after the death of his first husband, she married George Washington in 1759. During the ceremony, Washington wore a suit of silver and blue. Get the detail info about her second husband in George Washington facts.

Martha Washington Photo

Martha Washington Photo

Martha Washington Facts 7: White House

If we talk about white house, it will always remind you with the official home of the US president. Actually the estate that Martha lived in was called the White house.

Martha Washington Facts 8: Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is the name of the plantation where Washington and Martha lived together. The plantation was situated in Virginia.  You have to know that Martha was very rich. She had more money than Washington. However, both did not bless with any children.

Martha Washington Pic

Martha Washington Pic

Martha Washington Facts 9: Revolutionary War

Even though Martha did not fight in the war, she was very helpful to hold the sick soldiers. She would visit the troops, create bandages and mend clothes for them.

Martha Washington Facts 10: moving to New York

When his husband became the first president of United States of America, she moved with his husband to the first Capital of US, New York. Then she moved to the second capital of US in Philadelphia. Actually she did like living in those cities.

Martha Washington

Martha Washington

When she was the host of social events or even receptions, she never allowed people to discuss any politics.  Martha died on 22 May 1802 because of fever. Are you fascinated with facts about Martha Washington?

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