10 Interesting George Harrison Facts

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George Harrison facts will be my topic of discussion here. There are still many people who suffer from problems in recognizing this person as the member of the Beatles. Based on this reason, the idea to learn about the facts can become the best idea indeed.

George Harrison Facts 1: haircut name

George Harrison’s haircut in fact had a name. He once asked certain irrelevant question by someone. He was asked about what the name of his haircut is. He later replied that the name was Arthur. There was certain fan that used the name of Arthur to become his nightclub. Yet, Harrison seemed disappointed with this fact.

George Harrison Facts 2: Sgt Pepper

He was recognized as shy person. Yet, when he joined track on Sgt Pepper’s Club Band, he became so much outstanding to speak in front of public. He also took benefit from such club band to speak up protests. Yet, it was useless.

George Harrison Facts

George Harrison Facts

George Harrison Facts 3:  electrician

Perhaps people don’t know that he once was an apprentice electrician. It was in the age 16. This was the need of his father actually. His father wanted to open for business together in such career of workmanship.

George Harrison Facts 4: sitar

It can be said that he was the one who introduced sitar to pop world. It was on Rubber Soul on Norwegian Wood when he introduced such music instrument.

George Harrison Hair

George Harrison Hair

George Harrison Facts 5: many instruments

He was also famous in playing many music instruments. In sum up, it was approximately 26. Even many of you may wonder about some unique music instruments such as tympani, Jal-Tarang, marimba, and others.

George Harrison Facts 6: solo album

Harrison was recognized as the first Beatle in making solo album. The album was released in 1968. It was the feature of film entitled Wonderwall.

George Harrison Pic

George Harrison Pic

George Harrison Facts 7: the lover

George Harrison also was a great lover. He involved in love triangle. It was with his wife and also Eric Clapton. Later, Clapton turned to drugs.

George Harrison Facts 8:  the fighter

He was famous as a fighter as well. He was involved in hippie life. There was an incident where he was stabbed with kitchen knife. It resulted into 7 stab wounds. He later fought back the intruder.

George Harrison Young

George Harrison Young

Harrison Facts 9: record breaking

He had the record in certain song such as My Sweet Lord. He even gained more records as he became older.

George Harrison Facts 10: German language

He also spoke German although it was not fluent. He also was successful Monopoly player.

George Harrison

George Harrison

So, I hope the facts about George Harrison can be your good enhancement of knowledge. Therefore, the better you gain information about his is the better for your basic information.

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