10 Interesting Anne of Cleves Facts

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If you want to know the detail facts about the fourth wife of Henry VIII, you can check out Anne of Cleves Facts. This woman was born in Dusseldorf 1515. She married the king of England after Henry saw the face of his future bride in an accurate painting. Check out the detail facts about Anne of Cleves in the following post below:

Anne of Cleves Facts 1: Hans Holbein

Hans Holbein was a famous Tudor painter. He was sent by King Henry to paint Anne of Cleves and her sister Amelia of Cleves before he agreed with the marriage. Henry wanted to see the physical appearance of his future bride. Check facts about King Henry VIII here.

Anne of Cleves Facts 2: agree to marry her

After he saw the painting of Anne of Cleves, he agreed to marry her. In 1539, he signed the marriage treaty between him and Anne of Cleves.

Anne of Cleves Clothes

Anne of Cleves Clothes

Anne of Cleves Facts 3: disappointment

It is surprising to know that Henry was very disappointed with the physical look of Anne of Cleves after he met her for the first time in Rochester.  He even called her Mare of Flanders.

Anne of Cleves Facts 4: marriage

Anne of Cleves and Henry wedded in Greenwich on 6 January 1540.

Anne of Cleves Facts

Anne of Cleves Facts

Anne of Cleves Facts 5: annulment of marriage

The annulment of marriage was held by Henry because he felt that he made mistake by marrying her. Anne was ordered to leave the royal court on June 24th. She agreed to annul the marriage on July 9th 1540.

Anne of Cleves Facts 6: properties

Anne of Cleves’s obedience to annul the marriage made Henry impress with her attitude. Therefore, Anne of Cleves was awarded various properties such as Hever Castle and Richmond Palace.

Anne of Cleves Image

Anne of Cleves Image

Anne of Cleves Facts 7: ‘The King’s Beloved Sister’

‘The King’s Beloved Sister’ is the nick name of Anne of Cleves. She was called as the best friend of Henry even though both of them were not husband and wife anymore. She was often called to the court.

Anne of Cleves Facts 8: the last public appearance

Anne was very still active in the royal court. The people saw her last public appearance in the coronation of Mary I in Westminster.

Anne of Cleves Pic

Anne of Cleves Pic

Anne of Cleves Facts 9: death

Anne of Cleves died at the age of 41 on 16th July 1557.

Anne of Cleves Facts 10: burial

Her body was buried at Westminster Abbey.

Anne of Cleves

Anne of Cleves

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