10 Interesting Jimmy Carter Facts

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Look at Jimmy Carter facts if you want to know one of the former presidents of United States. USA is a very big country.  If you like to know the history of the country, look at the leader. Jimmy carter is considered as one of the famous presidents with great responsibilities and achievement. Let’s find out more detail about him below:

Jimmy Carter Facts 1: date of birth

It is very surprising to know that the first president of US who was born in a hospital was Jimmy Carter. He was born on 1 October 1924 in Plains Georgia.

Jimmy Carter Facts 2: family life

It was in 1635 that his first family who came from England arrived in the New World. His family was rich since his father was a successful peanut broker and farmer. Jimmy was the eldest child in the family.

Jimmy Carter Facts

Jimmy Carter Facts

Jimmy Carter Facts 3: personality

People often knew him as a down to earth and humble person. He preferred to be to be called Jimmy rather than being called James.

Jimmy Carter Facts 4: education

Since he came from a rich family, it is very easy for him to get access to higher education. He went to Georgia Institute of Technology. The he studied at US Naval Academy with a major of nuclear physics.

Jimmy Carter Image

Jimmy Carter Image

Jimmy Carter Facts 5: joining the navy

In 1943, he was in the Navy. Since his father passed away, he had to take care the family’s business and leave the navy. In 1979, he became an American millionaire for his family business was increased significantly.

Jimmy Carter Facts 6: marriage

Rosalynn Smith was his wife. Both married on 7th July 1946 in Plains, Georgia. Both were blessed with four children. They were Jack, Chips, Jeff and Amy Lynn.

Jimmy Carter US President

Jimmy Carter US President

Jimmy Carter Facts 7: the US president

When he was only 52 years old, he became the 39th president of United States.  He served the country for four years from 1977 to 1981.

Jimmy Carter Facts 8: Camp David Peace agreement

Camp David Peace agreement was initiated by the president. The contract talked about the resolution between Egypt and Israel. It was signed on September 17, 1978 in White House.

Jimmy Carter Old

Jimmy Carter Old

Jimmy Carter Facts 9: Richard Nixon

During his presidency he decided to continue the policy created by the former president Richard Nixon in 1979. The policy has the purpose to normalize the relation and recognize the people from Republic of China. Find out another ideas about former US president in George HW Bush Facts.

Jimmy Carter Facts 10: reading

Jimmy Carter has a wonderful reading speed. To make sure that he could read fast, he had to read 300 pages a day. Therefore, at the white house he can gain 95 percent of understanding by reading 2,000 words in a minute.

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter

Amy is his daughter who labeled the trees in the White House for her school project. Since then each tree in the office is labeled with the Latin name and common name. Do you have any suggestion on facts about Jimmy Carter?

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