10 Interesting John Bunyan Facts

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If you want to get the information about the English Christian preacher and writer, let’s read John Bunyan Facts. John Bunyan is always considered as the most famous published Christian allegory. His famous book is the Pilgrim’s Progress. Other books include sermons.

John Bunyan Facts 1: Christian

John Bunyan liked to be called as a Christian. However, many people always described him as a puritan or even a Baptist.

John Bunyan Facts 2: a Lesser Festival

People who live in England would like to remember him on 30 August during the Lesser Festival. People will celebrate it in the Church of England. In United States, it is celebrated on August 29th based on the liturgical calendar of the US Episcopal Church.

John Bunyan Book

John Bunyan Book

John Bunyan Facts 3: Anglican Communion

Other people celebrate his day on August 31st. It was the day when John Bunyan died. Some people who celebrate in August 31st include the Anglican Church in Australia and Aidan of Lindisfarne.

John Bunyan Facts 4: date of birth

John Bunyan was the son of Thomas and Margareth Bunyan. He was born in 1628 in Elstow, Bedfordshire, England.

John Bunyan Books

John Bunyan Books

John Bunyan Facts 5: baptism

The history stated that John Bunyan was baptized on November 30, 1628 in the Elstow parish register. At that time, his last name was spelled Bunyan.

John Bunyan Facts 6: spelling of last name

There are many different ways that people choose to spell the last name of Bunyan. Some of them include Bonyin, Buniun, Binyan, and Buignon. However, the most common surname for him was Bunyan.

John Bunyan Facts

John Bunyan Facts

John Bunyan Facts 7: Thomas Bunyan

Thomas Bonyan was the name of his grandfather who died in 1641. The record stated that his grandfather was a juror in the Manorial rolls.

John Bunyan Facts 8: terrible moment

The terrible moment for John Bunyan happened in 1644.  His mother died in June.   In the next month, his sister Margaret passed away. His father decided to marry again to Anne Pinney.

John Bunyan Pic

John Bunyan Pic

John Bunyan Facts 9: leaving the home

John Bunyan decided to leave the home in his 16th birthday after the arrival of his stepmother Anne Pinney. He was enrolled to the Parliamentary army.

John Bunyan Facts 10: preaching

John Bunyan started his preaching when John Gifford and his first Wife Mary died. He had to take care his four children. One of them was in blind condition. If you to know a modern writer who had to become a single parent, red JK Rowling facts.

John Bunyan

John Bunyan

Some Gospel Truths was his first book.  It was published in 1656.  In the following year, his second book with the title Vindication was published. Are you interested with facts about John Bunyan?

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