10 Interesting Ferdinand Magellan Facts

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Ferdinand Magellan facts are helpful to recognize this person better. If you study about famous people, you can consider information below to be your option to enhance your knowledge. Magellan was famous explorer. I believe many of you have gained interest about him.

Ferdinand Magellan Facts 1: multinational crews

Magellan is famous Spanish explorer. Yet, the fact is that he had multinational crew. They are different in culture indeed. The majority are Portuguese and Spaniards. The others are North Africa, Germany, England, France, and even Sicily,

Ferdinand Magellan Facts 2: Moluccas

The first expedition which Magellan intended to get is to find route to Moluccas. It is the small Indonesian archipelago. There are many valuable spices including nutmeg, cinnamon, and also cloves. They almost give up in finding such archipelago.

Ferdinand Magellan Explorer

Ferdinand Magellan Explorer

Ferdinand Magellan Facts 3: traitor

There is a fact that Magellan had been considered to be a traitor in Portugal. In the first time, King Charles I sponsored his expedition. Later, the outraged King Manuel I decided to punish Magellan’s family and tried to kill him.

Ferdinand Magellan Facts 4: deserted crews

During the expedition, many of Magellan’s crews were mutinied. It was because mostly of the crew ignored the idea of the captain. Even there have been many crews deserted before reaching the Pacific.

Ferdinand Magellan Facts

Ferdinand Magellan Facts

Ferdinand Magellan Facts 5: the giant

In the expedition, Magellan and the crews claimed that they had encountered some giants. It was in South America. They said that the giant had the size of 8 foot tall. They encountered this in Patagonia beaches.

Ferdinand Magellan Facts 6: the Pacific Ocean

Do you know that Magellan gave the name of Pacific Ocean? He survived storm around South America. There he entered Strait of Magellan and enter certain gentle ocean. Later, he gave a name for the ocean which is “Mar Pacifico”.

Ferdinand Magellan Image

Ferdinand Magellan Image

Ferdinand Magellan Facts 7: Christian Evangelist

It is a fact that Magellan was Christian Evangelist. He suffered many problems to converts people into Christian during his expedition.

Ferdinand Magellan Facts 8:  globe circumnavigate

The fact is that Magellan’s slaves have been the people who circumnavigate the globe. The most famous slave was Enrique. He had become the loyal slave since 1511.

Ferdinand Magellan Pic

Ferdinand Magellan Pic

Ferdinand Magellan Facts 9: Getting into Spice Islands?

Magellan was known to be involved into globe circumnavigation. It is not true actually. He even was killed before he reached the Spice Island.

Ferdinand Magellan Facts 10: next circumnavigation

The next circumnavigation of the globe was conducted after his expedition. Yet, it was after 60 years.

Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan

Information and facts about Ferdinand Magellan above can help people to achieve the best in how to only part of thorough trivia about him. You can browse more about him online for further facts. I think the facts above will be the basic for you.

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