10 Interesting Chester Arthur Facts

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Chester Arthur facts are one of the well known United States presidents. People always called him as sharp dressed man. His fashion sense inspired people in his era. If you are interested to find out more about this president, read the whole facts below:

Chester Arthur Facts 1: an elegant Arthur

Arthur Chester was considered as an elegant man. In his office, he had more than 80 pairs of trousers. In a day he changed the suit for several times. That’s why people considered him as an elegant president.

Chester Arthur Facts 2: late night walk

This president liked to have a late night walk with his friend in Washington DC. It was a very unusual view to see him to get bed before 2 o’ clock in the morning.

Chester A. Arthur

Chester A. Arthur

Chester Arthur Facts 3: a good finger man

We can consider Chester was a good fisherman. He was the member of group fishermen from New York called Restigouche Salmon Club. A report stated that he caught 80 pound of bass when he was fishing n Rhode Island.

Chester Arthur Facts 4: standardized time

Standardized time was requested by Arthur. This request was granted with an international meridian conference. It was held in October 1884 in Washington DC.

Chester Arthur Facts

Chester Arthur Facts

Chester Arthur Facts 5: The first oath in a president’s home

The first oath in a president’s home was performed by Arthur Chester. He actually had two oaths. The first oat was in his home. The state administered the second oath.

Chester Arthur Facts 6: citizenship

There was a controversy about Arthur Chester’s citizenship.  The political opponent of Arthur questioned whether he was born in Canada or not. The president of US should be the natural born citizen.

Chester Arthur grave

Chester Arthur grave

Chester Arthur Facts 7: inaugural address

When he served the country as the president of US, Arthur did not have any inaugural address.

Chester Arthur Facts 8: his personal and official papers

His personal and official papers were burned based on the order of Arthur on 16th November 1886.  This man passed away two days later because of cerebral hemorrhage.

Chester Arthur Plaque

Chester Arthur Plaque

Chester Arthur Facts 9: White House furniture

White House furniture was auctioned by Arthur after the death of Garfield. There were 24 wagonloads of furniture sold in public.

Chester Arthur Facts 10: vice president

When Arthur became the president, he did not have any vice president helping him.

Chester Arthur

Chester Arthur

If you consider yourself as an American person, you have to read all facts about Arthur Chester to increase your knowledge about American history.

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