10 Interesting George H.W. Bush Facts

Tuesday, February 11th 2014. | People

George H.W. Bush facts give you fascinating information about the former president of United States. This man is the father of George Walker Bush. Find out about the true information of Bush in the following post below:

George H.W. Bush Facts 1: date of birth

George H.W. Bush was born on 12th June 1924 in Milton Mass. His parents were Prescott and Dorothy Bush.  All of them resided to Connecticut.

George H.W. Bush Facts 2: education

The young Bush studied at the elite Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass. He served the navy from 1942 to 1945.  When he reached 18 years old, he became the youngest commissioned pilot in the navy.

George H.W. Bush 41

George H.W. Bush 41

George H.W. Bush Facts 3: Distinguished Flying Cross

Because of his contribution to the navy, Bush was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. He was shot once when he fought against the Japanese on 58 missions.

George H.W. Bush Facts 4: an economic degree

He got an economic degree after the war against Japan from the Yale University. He got it in only 2.5 years.

George H.W. Bush Facts

George H.W. Bush Facts

George H.W. Bush Facts 5: Barbara Pierce of Rye

The marriage of Bush happened in 1945. He married to the daughter of a magazine publisher named Barbara Pierce of Rye. He decided not to enter the investment banking business of his father by moving to Texas with his bride.

George H.W. Bush Facts 6: wealth

Bush is rich. In 1980, He founded his oil company. At that time, his net worth is estimated around of $1.4 million.

George H.W. Bush Now

George H.W. Bush Now

George H.W. Bush Facts 7: U.S. delegate

Bush becomes the US delegate for United Sates after he was chosen by President Nixon. Actually Bush won two contests for a Texan Republican in 1960s. But he lost for a senate seat.

George H.W. Bush Facts 8: Bush accomplishment

There are many kinds of accomplishment that Bush had created in his life.  In 1991, he signed the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.  This event is the sign of the ending of the long weapon build up of US and Soviet Union.

George H.W. Bush Old

George H.W. Bush Old

George H.W. Bush Facts 9: presidential election

This former president wanted to become a next president of US in 1992 election. However, this position was taken by Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas.

George H.W. Bush Facts 10: kids

Bush has six kids. They are George, Jeb, Neil, Marvin and Dorothy.  In the age of three, his daughter Robin died because of Leukemia.

George H.W. Bush The Former Preseident

George H.W. Bush The Former Preseident

His son George served as the 43rd president of US. In 1998, his son Jeb Bush served as the Governor of Florida. Do you find facts about George H.W. Bush fascinating?

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